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Pain Behind Eye on Movement
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Pain Behind Eye on Movement

  Over the past two months I have experienced intermittent pain behind my eyes (predominantly the left eye).  I have also experienced frontal headaches.  The pain is not incapacitating as much as it is chronic.  Sometimes this discomfort will go on for days at a time and then I will go for many days with no discomfort.  Pain relievers only have a slight effect.  The pain mostly occurs when moving my eye to look in different directions--it is like a sore muscle.  I have not noticed an visual changes.  I will be having an eye exam on 1/18/99.  I do not seem to have this discomfort at rest and it is not there when I awake in the morning; however, it starts within one hour of being awake.  I also experience some mild queasiness and a sensation of being off balance.  I have had a blood chemistry panel, thyroid panel, sinus CT scan, evaluation by an ENT.  Everything normal.  I am worried that this could be something serious because my vision seems fine (just passed my driver's license visual test!).  Anyway, I would appreciate you comments.  By the way, I take Prilosec daily and know that one of the side effects is headache/dizziness.  I took Prilosec for about 6 weeks before these symptoms began so I doubt it is the medication.
hello. i  am happy to try to help. what you are desribing is "retrobulbar" pain- pain behind the eye. if this pain was sudden and associated with decreased vision as well as pain on eye movement I would consider this "optic neuritis", or inflammation of the optic nerve, until proven otherwise. however, given the lenght of time you have been experiencing this I would find that unlikely.  Sinus causes would be my next consideration, but you say you had a normal sinus CT. next, I would want a thorough eye exam by an ophthalmologist ( eye md ) to rule out intraocular inflammation.  finally, if all of this is normal then I might consider unusual inflammatory conditions such as "orbital myosistis", or muscle inflammation. I would be interested to know what, if anyhting, the CT showed in regards to the orbit. finally, I would have to say that a headache of chronic duration might cause this.  I hope this helps. Good luck with the eye exam.
keywords: myositis, orbital myositis, optic neuritis
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