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Pars Plana Vitrectomy (PPV) and reabsorption of blood
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Pars Plana Vitrectomy (PPV) and reabsorption of blood

1)  I wanted to know how and where the reabsoprtion of the blood occurs after PPV surgery?  I studied the eye while taking Human Anatomy and Physiology I.  I know there is just the optic nerve in back of the eye....so how is the blood being drained out of the eye?  does it go out of the veins in the eye too?  I know when i was putting drops in my eye...dirt/puss would come ou of the inner corner of the eye.  But since the blood after PPV is inside the eye and not outside, where does it drain out and being reabsorbed?  

I have showers of black dust coming down/loose in my eye and the doctor said that that is blood.  He also adviced me to elevate all the time which i have been all day long and in my sleep and i can see like a rain in dust in my eye falling down and even some slightly bigger pieces coming down too.  But where does it drain out?

2)  Are there any medications, drops that doctors usually recommend or prescribe to help drain the blood out sooner or is surgery done to do this?

3)  My eye feels cloudy, like there is a white layer of cloudl covering my eye or a thick fog blocking my view.  Is this a good sign?  when i cover my other eye to look into the eye that had the surgery...i can see all around the eye fine...is this an indication that the retina is attached all around the eye and that it is healthy?  or is this not a good indication at all?  

4) does drinking lots of water help with draining the blood out of my eye?  what about running some luke warm water over it?  just wondering what i can do to help take the blood out of my eye little quicker.  

Thanks in advance for your help and response.  I Appreciate it lso very much.
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Most of your answers depend on the cause of bleeding.  You need to discuss the particulars with your doctor.

The blood breaks down and probably absorbed through the retinal and ciliary body veins.  There may be some other outflows from the cililary body area.

No medications will help.

3) ??

Drinking water does not help.

Dr. O.
Dr. Ray-

1) What is the ave time after Pars Plana Vitrec (PPV) surgery until one starts to see.  The doctor said that blood is what is blocking my vision right now.  is it 7-8 weeks?  does it ever go beyond that time when one starts to see?

2) my doctor also did an ultrasound of my eye twice (3 weeks apart, one 2 weeks after PPV surgery and one 5 weeks after PPV surgery).  both times he said that my retina looked good and it is attached.  however, he said he was starting to get nervous since there is still blood behind the retina (w/c he said is blocking my vision).  since i last saw my doctor 9 days ago, he said to elevate my head and i have and have found more blood floating and released....even looks like a shower of black dust in my vision with larger dust particles floating in my field of vision?  Is this a good sign?

3) My eye feels like there is a white veil over it or white fog in front of it.  I can see hand movements but not objects yet.  Is this a good sign?

4) how does one start to see?  is it gradually or do they just all of a sudden one day?  in my case, will it be gradual bec of the blood?

5) does running luke warm water over eye helpful to break down blood or taping warm atr over eye with wet wash cloth help?  it seems to have broken down more blood from what I see in my vision?

6)  When i close my other eye to inspect my eye that had PPV, i can see all around the eye and there are no more light flashes as before and even some time after PPV.  Is this a good indication of a healthy but blocked (with blood still behind the retina) retina?  

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