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(Part 1) Many symptoms, no solutions so far.. Please help..!
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(Part 1) Many symptoms, no solutions so far.. Please help..!

Hey all, I'm kinda new to this site, and don't exactly know where to post this topic because I've got several different problems and I don't know which topic to post it under..
Anyway.. for the last few years I've been desperatly seeking for help and answers, yet nobody has been able to find it.. ( not even me on google).
I know this is going to be a very long story, but please stick with me for a few minutes..

Now please.. I don't know where else to go anymore, the hospitals don't have an answer, and neither does my doctor or any psychologists.. I've also had several psychological tests.. Which all showed I'm mentally 100 % sane..
So thats not the problem I guess..

So eh, here I go..
Ever since I was little I've had a lot of trouble getting to sleep.. from about the age of 3 and a half.. (I'm 20 years old now)..
Back then my parents had allready started to look for solutions for this problem, seeking medical help, although nobody seemed to find a solution..
As I got older the sleeping problems got worse, and I've tried all sorts of medication, including sleeping pills, melatonin, several kinds of drops, eye q capsules, anti-dipressives, the only thing it did was make me more and more tired, but still none of those things could get me to sleep..

When I was about 8 years old my arm got dislocated, and the doctor constatated HMS. After getting help for that I trained my muscles doing excercises

So far so good.. When I reached the age of 16.. I was sitting with my girlfriend in a crowded place, and I started to get an enormous headache and trouble breathing, so I decided to step outside, where it got worse, and lost consiousness at one point, when I woke up I was unable to walk and my girlfriend called the ambulance..
They came to pick me up and later they gave me an MRI scan and a EGI (or CGI or something) scan..
They also tested my reflexes and nothing seemed to react, kinda logical because I couldn't walk anymore..

The rest is at part 2..
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Sorry but you appear to be on the wrong forum.

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Yeah I'm sorry but I really didn't know where else to put it.. I simply chose the optical forum because of the photofobia..
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