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Partial Vitreous Detachment
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Partial Vitreous Detachment

I suffered a partial vitreous detachment 2 years ago. I had LASEK for -7/ -6.5, suffered blurred vision whilst healing and stupidly went to work 5 days later and after looking at my blurred computer screen experienced a shower of floaters in both eyes, diagnosed as a simultaneous partial vitreous detachment.  I had never seen a floater before nor had any history of eye problems.

I still continually dwell on my eye probelms every day, mainly due to the horrible black dots and wispy black lines that I see floating around my vision 24/7.

I have just had my annual eye check and have been told that my vitreous, retina, discs and maculas are all fine and that my eyes are "roughly stable".  I realise that the best way forward would be to try and ignore these dratted floaters, and wondered if you could please answer my following questions, to help me to do so: -

1.  Is it harder for the brain to 'tune out' floaters caused by vitreous detachment than it is to tune out 'normal' floaters?
2.  I am only 33 [31 when it happened], is this particularly young for this to happen?
3.  I believe that I caused this vitreous detachment through eye strain/blurred vision, does this mean that the rest of the vitreous is unlikely to detach until I am older? And is this likely to cause further floaters?
4.  What sort of increased risk do I have of further eye problems due to this vitreous detachment?
5.  I have read that vitreous detachment is very common, however, the many people I know with floaters [and some are a lot older than me] seem to only to have a couple and see them only on a temporary basis, and never a shower, could this be pvd?
6.  I used to enjoy running but haven't been now for 2 years, should I put aside my fears of this causing further eye problems?
6.  Finally, if my husband and I were to have children would pregnancy cause any risk to my eye condition?

Please accept my apologies for the lengthy mail and many questions.  I thank you in anticpation.

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See a good retinal specialist ophthalmologist to make sure you retinal is healthy and there are no retinal breaks or tears or detachments or areas that could be prone to such.  If everything looks OK then go about your business and enjoy life and run all you want - making sure you get the ok from the retinal specialist.  Your tendency toward vitreous detachment probably stems from genetic factors and being moderately nearsighted and active.  The LASEK required a microkeratome to suction on the eye which temporarily raises intraocular pressure and could predispose you to some degree to a vitreous detachment if you are predisposed.  If your vitreous is truly detached then your risk of retinal detachment should in theory go down since it is often the force of vitreous detaching from retina that causes many tears or detachments.  Your floaters will improve over time and I'm sorry they seem so horrible to you.  If you have children some day - the chance of a retinal detachment will be the last thing from your mind.  Remember you have only had vitreous floaters and PVD so you have never had a retinal tear or detachment so that is a major blessing.  Think how fortunate this is.


I am sorry about your problems. I too got floaters too at a young age and it's no fun.
You may want to check out this board to hear other folks stories on floaters:
And my floaters came after post Lasik. I wish there was research on this, and this was better understood by the optomology community. There does not seem to be anything about Refactive Surgery and floaters out there.
Thank you for your kind response, the eye check up I have is by a highly respected ophthalmologist here in London, UK and he dilated my pupils and checked thoroughly with a head lamp and through a slit light, so hopefully ok.  I will do my best to try and get on with my life.

10 Dollar, so sorry you are suffering too.  I think the best thing for us is to try and not think about these so much [I know sometimes easier said than done] and maybe they will become less noticable.  All the best.
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