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Pinching pain on eye surface or eye lid inner side
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Pinching pain on eye surface or eye lid inner side

Dear doctor,

After coming home from the office in the evening I am feeling insufficient light (dark) even the room light is much more than sufficient for others. It is taking 2 or 3 hours to adjust to this new environment.

Another problem is if I see an area with some part daylight and some part a shadow I am getting eye pain on eye surface or eye lid inner surface.

I am feeling bumps in my eye lid inner side after working in front of computer monitor for few mins.

No headache or other symptoms. I am a software developer who works for nearly 8 hours in the daytime. After my work when I reach my room, my room will be very dull (insufficient light) even others feel very bright. In the morning I cannot see the daylight.


Three years back I worked in an office where sunlight directly falls on the computer monitor. In the beginning I didn't concentrated on the office lighting because I didn't get any problem and my eyes are very healthy. After working for 6 months (after summer) I started getting severe pain in my eyes, I was not able to see the monitor even for few seconds. I did many adjustments in the office to block the light. These adjustments didn't reduce my pain. For the last three years I have been suffering with these light related problems. Two years back I took 3 months rest and last year 5 months rest by resigning the job before summers due to these reasons.

Doctors are telling that this is Computer Vision Syndrome. I should take breaks every 20 minutes for few minutes, look long distant objects and do some eye exercises. They gave rehydrating eye drops saying dry eyes. Prescribed Anti Reflection Coating and Photo gray glasses, which I used. With all these 40% of my pain may be reduced. But 60% is still there. I have no eyesight problem (6/6). All standard tests are normal. Field test normal.

I am 30 years old without any major health problems and I am from India.

Please tell me what happened to my eyes. Is there a test to diagnose the actual problem with my eyes? Is there a cure or successful treatment? What are the tests to check the light related problems? I am loosing much of my valuable time by taking few months rest per year and my career completely disturbed.

Thanks and regards,

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Computer Vison Syndrome is more of an optomitrist make work project than a true disease.

See an Eye MD for a medical eye exam. I will bet that the "eye doctor" that examined you was an optometrist.

In the unlikely instance you did see an Ophthalmologist Eye MD then get a second opinion.

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