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Pinguecula, Lotemax, and some stupidity
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Pinguecula, Lotemax, and some stupidity

I recently noticed a lumpy yellow nodule in my right eye.  I picked up a flashlight and held it diagonally across my lense and saw that it seemed to be encapsulated, so I set up an appointment with my Opthamologist for the next day.  I also checked my dilation reflex with the same light and nothing seemed amiss.  The next day I found out that I apparently had Pinguecula in both eyes for quite some time.  My left eye has the most, and for a few years I've had a consistently red left eye upon waking.  The doctor prescribed Lotemax drops, four times a day (to shrink the redness I assume) and asked that I see him in two weeks.

However, the flashlight I used to check my eyes was a 100 lumen Lenser LED (just and LED, no laser involved).  I held it pretty close to both eye balls looking at the white parts next to the retina (sinus side on each eye).  The night before the appointment, I took a walk and felt that the lights of oncoming cars were awfully bright.  I spoke to the Opthamologist about this and he said he wasn't concerned that I had damaged my eye.  He did examine them using a slit lamp when he diagnosed the Pinguecula.  

This entire week, I've also felt very sensitive to light, and my left eye has actually hurt.  I have some questions about what I should do now.  Should I call the doctor to let him know I'm still sensitive to light, and perhaps even more so?  Could this be a side effect of the Lotemax?  Is the eye pain something I should also include in my call to him?  

And last, if I had done some sort of light damage to my eyes with the LED light, how might that present?  My left eye is having difficulty in bright light, and I'm not transitioning well to darkness from bright out door light.  It's almost as if I never fully adjust to indoors after being outside.  

And should I also set up an appointment to see a retinal specialist?  Or am I jumping the gun a bit?

Thanks for your time,

I think these symptoms might be related to having a dilated eye exam. I don't think you have caused "photic" damage to your retina with this light source. The effects of dilation can persist for several days even if your pupils are not still dilated. I would wait to speak with your doctor until the next appointment, or just give them a call tomorrow.
Best wishes,
Unfortunately, my eyes were not dilated during the initial exam.   Does this information change your opinion, Doctor?  I'm sorry to be a bother, but I would like to know.
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