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Poor eye lens or incorrect prescription
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Poor eye lens or incorrect prescription

Been 8 years since last eye exam.  Since than new products of eye lenses have been made.  When I received my lens, my eyes sight was more blurred than old lenses.  It was looking out of a fish bowl also.  What is the problem?  My prescription is r: -4.00   -0.75   15   +2.00
                                                                                   l: -2.75   -0.75  150   +2.00

My old prescription was:  R; -4.50    -50  15  +225
                                      l:  -4.25    -50  15  +225

Doesn't seem like prescription is very accurate from my old prescription
Can my eyesight go down and up as shown?
And the third number I know represent astimga(ms) the old one or new one, one really has to have been a wrong diagnos.  Any suggestion on this?  What type of lenses should I go with?  Does the lab play a role in making wrong lenses?  Thanks
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There is very little difference between your old right lens and your new right lens.

There is a huge difference in the old glasses (-2.75 sphere) and the new (-4.25 sphere).

The astigmatism is probably not an issue since the power is low.

It's not likely that your left eye would change that much when your right didn't change hardly at all.

Go back immediately to the "eye doctor" that prescribed the new glasses. Take the old and new pair. Ask to be retested. Ask why the big change in your left eye. They should do this for you at no charge. If they can't satify you then see if you can get your money back for the glasses and go to an Eye MD physician ophthalmologist for a repeat exam.

I went to another doctor for a different exam...because the first doctor could not give me an intelligent answer and just stood up    and told me to get my money back.  I should have trusted my  instinct from the beginning.   My husband says you pay for what you get.  He is right. This is the new prescription:                                  
              Right - -4.00  -0.75  40                  
              Left -   -3.75  -0.50  75
Previous prescription that I wrote about:
              Right  -4.00   -0.75    15
              Left    -2.75   -0.75   150
A major difference in the axis and a little better in the spherical area..my question is how could the axis be so different in exam?

Could that difference caused that distorted look in the lenses from the first prescription?
I have yet got my new lenses to see if I have better vision.  Should be in about a week and I will let you know.  
.if you didn't suggest, I would have just assume he was right, cause how wrong can one go with using a machine???   Take care and God bless
When glasses tests are done the most difficult part is the amount of the cylincer (second number) and the axis last number the word "degrees" should be there so the axis is 40 degrees new and 15 degrees old     and 75 degrees new and 150 old.  That's not a huge change but generally that is the part that causes the glasses to be fuzzy. Hopefully when you adjust to the new RX you will see better and without distortion.  If you do not adjust to the New RX in about a week return to the second Eye Doctor.  

In our practice we will test and repeat the glasses test on any patient without change for 60 days after we do the test and our optical makes all changes no charge at least once any time within 60 days.

Some places only go 30 days. The bad places charge for everything and give no guarnentee.

Using machines for glasses tests does not guarentee that the RX will be perfect every time.

A related discussion, Doubt my new prescription was started.
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