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Prescription Detail

I have attached my recent eye prescription.

1. Would you please tell me the current condition of my eye and cataract from the rx. (Where Brand name Olopan = Olopatadin 1% & Alcet = Ketotifen. My doctor diagrammed my cataract. And no progression/development of my cataract since August 2012).

2. In morning time when I use olopatadine, the eye burns a bit. what is the cause?

3. Ketotifen suits me best, how long I can take ketotifen tablet?

Please consider the following factors

1. I have Early Lental Opacity (pictured on rx)
2. I have Acute Allergy and Red eye issue
3. My Previous glass power was L=CYL( - 0.75) @ 160 Axis & R=CYL ( - 0.50)@ 30 axis
4. My Recent Glass power is L=CYL ( - 0.50) @ 175 Axis & R= 0.00 (Plane Glass) WHAT IS THE MEANING OF  THE CHANGE?
5. I am taking 160mg Bilberry daily as Antioxidant, 200mg Vitamin E 2x in Each Week as Supplementary and 2 Cod Liver oil daily as anti inflammatory (for reducing the allergy side effects)
6. I need to take Refresh tear 2x daily (I had acute dry eye, recently this issue solved a bit, as the allergy reduced)  
7. I need to take Genteal Eye Gel on Bed time.
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You have repeatedly ask different versions of the same question. You need to have your results explaine by your eye doctor. And the eyedrops/mediciations you use are not used in the USA

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dear doctor,
I just want to know the detail of my recent rx
I think Olopatadine and Ketotifen used world-wide.

Sorry for disturbing...
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