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Problems after Cataract Surgery
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Problems after Cataract Surgery

I had Cataract surgery five weeks ago. I have had  vision problems since. A short time after surgery my vision started to get foggy.  Saw my Doctor the next day, the pressure in my eye was at 40.  The doctor relieved the pressure with a needle to the eye.  I came back a week later pressure was at 36 the doctor thought I was allergic to the Pred Forte eye drops.  He took me off the Pred Forte and put me on an eye drop to lower the pressure.  I went back two weeks later. My pressure was now down to 21. The doctor said that I had a Vitreous separation,  He told me to come back in five weeks. The doctor thought that the following vision problems would get better in time. Two weeks later and I still have the same vision problems, no better no worse.   These problems include. (1) Halo around light at night .  (2) What I would call a partial double image, while looking at the moon or a car light.  (3) I have also developed  floaters in my eye that make it appear that I am looking through a thin layer of Vaseline. (4) When I first awake my vision is a little blurred, then gets better in about twenty minutes (my distance vision is pretty good)  

I am very nearsighted, I have minor Astigmatism, a Toric lens was implanted,  I am 61 years old.
I have a small Cataract in my other eye, but have almost 20/20 vision in that eye.
Do you think these problems will get better in time or should I be concerned.

Thank you.
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If you have swelling of the cornea it will usually get better. You could also have a degree of nearsightedness or astigmatism left over and may need to wear glasses.  Swelling of the macula (CME) is another problem that can be associated with blurred vision as well as clouding of the posterior capsule. Your pressure problems also fit into this picture as well. Very simply you need to ask your surgeon why the vision is not doing well -  then ask him what approach he is taking to make things better.

Thank you for your reply.  

My Doctor thinks it will improve in time.  He said that the lens is implanted perfectly.  I asked my Doctor about the problems, he feels Vitreous Separation is causing the problems, and that the floaters will most likely go away. He has me set up for a vision test in three weeks for a new glasses lens for the eye that cataract surgery was done on.  I have had to remove the lens in my glasses for this eye.
I guess you could say that My doctors only approach right now is to see how my eye is at my vision test.  aka "Wait and See"

Thank you
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