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Hello I have had both eyes with RLE Mplus multifocal lens.  1st eye on 31st oct and 2nd eye on 7 nov 2012.  
had eye check on 2nd eye, (i day after op on that eye) yesterday, and was told that i could legally drive, but not doing so at the moment, could drive which i was surprised about as all the letter were so blurry.  not what i expected to be told that you can legally drive like that.

reading is good but a bit blurry
distance is blurry, and i am getting worried that i might not get good clear distance vision.  

in the adverts it says good distance and good near.

so do your eyes improve still further?  should i get good clear vision in distance,middle and near vision?  i am feeling a bit concerned now.  i dont want to be left blurry forever

this company told me that they offer aftercare after teh 12 months, but i did point out to them that in their literature it says up to 12 months free treatment, they are a big popular company

do the RLE MPlus multifocal lens give no problems after 12 months is this why?  do problems occur before this and that is why they give this in their literature?

what problems can happen after 12 months that woudl spoil your lens vision?

thank you for any help from others that read this

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There is no surgery and no IOL that does not give some people problems. I cannot tell you specifics of your case. you can always get a second opinion. A study done by Dr. Kutryb and me showed that multifocal/accommodating IOL patients are 23 times more likely to bring a problem here than monofocal IOL

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Thank you for your reply it is very helpful.

Does your vision still continue to improve?  I know its early days for me as first eye on the 31st oct and second eye on the 7th nov, but near i can read, but a bit blurry, distance still a problem as not as good as i would eventually like, faces are blurry.

are you meant to rest your eyes, close them for periods in the day, will this gain you a better outcome or does not matter, can you continue as you were looking at things before you had the ops?

hope you dont mind me asking but want to do the best to gain the best vision and will do what i am meant to do, so any pointers are good.

i had the MPlus multifocal in both eyes.

in the advert is shows good clear disatnce and good clear reading?

thank you
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Vision is usually clear within 1 to 4 weeks post surgery. We do not give post op instructions for activities, ask your surgeon. Generally "resting them" does not help and "using them" to read, TV, computers does not hurt and sometimes speeds the adjustment to the new type of vision.

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thank you for replying back it is very helpful.

You are saying that resting, closing your eyes every now and then will not improve my vision, and in fact usiing my eyes more, as before the operations, watching tv, computers, reading, just going about with eyes open to bed time actually might make my eyes adjust quick and gain better vision sooner.

My eyes are still blurry in the distance, not changed or improved.  the first eye operated on the 31 Oct i have stopped putting the three types of eye drops that were prescribed and just continuing in this eye with my dry eye drops, as i have dry eyes.  The other eye done on the 7th Nov, I am continuing with the three eye drops that were prescribed by the hospital, plus putting in dry eye drops after a while, so they dont dilute theother eye drops.

I am not doing any lifting just in case I am not meant to and if bending down then not putting my head down for any length of time.

Driving is a problem at the moment seeing my distance vision is not good so not doing this for now.  near vision is good and has been good from the start.

Many thanks for all your help it is very useful.
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Hello Dr Hagan

It’s a while now since the Mplus multifocal surgery,
1st eye 31st oct and 2nd eye 7th Nov

Glare with car lights at night but that does not bother me can live with that
But my distance vision is not as good as I thought it would be.

Not put a pair of glasses on since ops though

Reading is good, the right eye is a bit better than the left, but still reading is good in both eyes

distance, - the left eye is better for this, together ok, in a sense, but it’s still not as clear as when I had distance glasses and when reading the number plate that they test you with for driving it’s a blur but can just about guess it, so that gives you an idea of where I am with the distance vision.  What would you call this on the eye chart this sort of distance vision?

I just thought that I would be able to have it sharp in the distance?  Is this likely?  Why is it not so with this multifocal lens?  Or will my eyes still improve further?

The left eye has always been different in feel to the right since op, have said this to them.  Going to have to contact my doctor today and get app, as the opticians that they use on the island only have the lens lady in Mon to Thurs.  The place where I got the eyes done is across on the mainland and we live on the IOM.  So have to use one opticians over here.

So doctors today.  Why is it so sore?  Ok using loads of dry eye drops for ever now, but it’s really sore under the bottom eyelid deep down in the eye corner, nearer your nose corner if that makes sense. Aches so much.  Has done this for a while and I have been saying it for a while but a bad ache now, so don’t know what this is.  Said about this yesterday when I had eye check, but they did not pick up anything.

I would like you to advise if you could, I really am disappointed in the distance vision not being clear and beginning to think I am stuck with it as it is. But it makes me tired by the end of the day.  Don’t want to have distance glasses for walking around and reading that why I got this done.
The pressures in my eyes were ok yesterday the optician  checked them.
Also she said that I have developed slight astigmatism in my left eye. But how can this be can this develop after the lens implant?
What does this mean for that left eye?
Will it develop further?
She said she thought that the distance had improved slightly in that eye since seeing her because of this astigmatism developing?
But the thing is on my prescriptions I thought I did have slight astigmatism anyway prior to the op

Ok not these years
but 2011 NHS perception reads,
right eye sph +3.00 CYL -0.75 AXIS 106.0 NEAR-ADD  +1.75
left eye sph +2.50 CYL -0.50 AXIS 122.0 NEAR-ADD  +1.75
this is taken from a sticky label on it

So can you tell did I have this slight astigmatism, in one or both eyes? In which case it has always been there? And in which case cannot just develop after the operations?  So is the Mplus multifocal lens they have put in right the right lens for me?
Will I get good distance vision? Oh I really hope so.
What are my options please what should I ask them to do to improve things, or just wait and they will get better vision for distance?
Thank you

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