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Re: Floaters

Posted By hfhs md ke on March 23, 1999 at 20:57:01:

In Reply to: Floaters posted by ddenna on March 23, 1999 at 15:26:19:

Hello i was blessed with one of these annoying floaters at the age of 18, My floater is a small black spec that is in my upper corner of my left eye. I am now 20 and have noticed that i see a couple of more floaters recently. Also they seem to only really affect my left eye at this point. The floaters i see now are nothing like the one i saw at 18. These kinda look like transparent sqiggley lines. They are hard to see unless looking directly into the sky when outside during daytime. Now the good thing is they tend to go away and sometimes i'm left only with the floater I recieved when i was 18, and that floater hasn't changed since. Now i had my eyes checked two times since then by a two different eye doctors, they put me through all the tests and found nothing wrong except one doctor found a small hole in my retina, in my right eye. So i went to a specialist and he siad it was nothing and it was so small that i was probably born with it and its nothing that requires laser surgery. The other doctor when he checked my eye told me he couldn't even find it, when i told him about it. I don't think that has anything to do with my floaters because its the opposite eye in which there showing up. My vision is 20-20 still although its not quite as good as when i was a kid but i think thats just eye strian from using the computer too much, But anyway my question is why did i get these floaters at such an early age, also does this mean by the time i'm thirty or even fifty i will have an eye full of these annoying floaters, What floaters i have now i can cope with but if i start getting more i will probably lose my mind, I mean one is annoying, and the other ones i get do not show up unless I really look for them, and those ones seem to go away after a week or two. Now i really hope i'm not doomed to i life filled with these floaters, thanks for any info you can provide.

u will not be plagued by a life of floaters.  u did the right thing and had these floaters checked out- but typically floaters are nothing to be concerned about.  my only advice is to try to ignore them and if u get even more be reevaluated, especially if associated with flashing lights or decreased vision.

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