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Re: swelling of or around optic nerve.
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Re: swelling of or around optic nerve.

Posted By Elizabeth Taylor-Fredo on July 31, 1999 at 10:53:02
I am 47 years old. Approx. 3 weeks ago I went in for a routine physical at which time I told my doctor that I was waking up with bad headaches.  He asked me some questions that I answered and after examining my eyes he said he wanted me to see a optomologist, I hope that is the correct spelling, he saw that I had swelling of or around the optic nerve. He said that was NOT normal.  He told me he wanted me to see him that week it was Wednesday. I got the appt. for Friday that was not easy.  The optomologist saw the same thing, swelling of the optic nerve. He was going to consult with my regular MD of which he did. My Doctor sched. me an MRI. I have not received the results yet, but am a little scared of the results.  Should I be?

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Posted By hfhs md ke on July 31, 1999 at 17:46:00
all i can tell u at this point is that "swelling" of the optic nerve, if there really is swelling, is not normal, but there are many causes-  most of them not too serious, i.e. something to be too scared about. they all need to be addressed though.  at thois point i would try to relax and wait for the MRI-  one distinct possibility if u have been having headaches is called Pseudotumor cerebri-  and it is not a tumor, it is simply increased pressure inside the central nervous system and it is typically treatable.  good luck and if at any point u want a second opinion we would love to see you here at Henry Ford Eye Care Services.  Simply call 1-800-363-7575 for an appointment.

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