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ReSTOR implement prescription power issue
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ReSTOR implement prescription power issue

I worn mono vision contacts for many years they worked great until the cataract kicks in. My Right eye was dominant (-7.5) Left eye for reading (-6.0) highly myopia. I had the restor implant(10D) into my R eye 2 weeks ago, the post-surgery I saw 20/80 and is not clear at all. My doctor said it takes time, my question is how long it will take? Will it improves to 20/20 or somewhere close ?

I suspected the prescription power was wrong and I should not wait and see the restor to improve. Here what I tried this past 2 days-- I still have some pairs of mono vision contacts left, i popped in (-6.0) in my unoperated L eye and went out driving , I can't see signs ,can't see the tag of the car in front of me until we were bumper to bumper.I did find out  this L eye sees better than my restor eye. Next day I popped in the (-7.5) contact lens into my L eye  and I can see! But the in-depth perception was off, this must be,correct me please if I am wrong, due to my dominant /distance eye is the R eye.

Look forward to your guidance.
If the 10 D ReStor IOL is of the incorrect power, then ask your surgeon (or get a second opinion) what is the "residual refraction?" If the residual refraction is somewhere b/w +1 or -1 D MRSE, then they placed the correct IOL power. If the MRSE is way above or below those numbers, then the power of the IOL is incorrect. The goal of course is to place the IOL power such that the remaining MRSE (mean, refractive spherical equivalent) is close to Zero. If it's off, then you may need a touchup...if it's way off, then you need an IOL exchange. Further issues may affect the ReStor eye...dryness is a major one and irregular corneal shape such as "coma."
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
Thank you Dr.McGarity,For giving me a start point to verify the deficiency of the prescription power, otherwise I am clueless and lost.  

Just had the 3rd post surgery visit, doctor cut down the eye drops, now I am on pred forte  twice/ day,bromday once/day until runs out.  I do have dry eye so I m using Refresh.  My doctor mentioned to have LASIK later to correct if nothing improved but I am not a good candidate cause my cornears are too thin. I really prefer lens exchange , but my doctor is against this idea, to find an experienced doctor could be a challenge for me, I can really use any help for referrals please. I am in Georgia but I don't mind to travel to get my eyes fixed.

God bless.
Best regards,
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