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Replacement lenses (same rx) causing headaches
2 years ago I got an eye exam and glasses and was very pleased with the results. My eye doctor advertises a 2 year warranty on all lenses, so I went back to the office and they agreed to do a no-cost replacement on the lenses since the transitions no longer worked.

As soon as I left the office I noticed that the vision in my left eye was more blurry than it had been before they replaced the lenses, and also I noticed that the vision in my right eye appeared to be more crisp at a distance than it had previously been.  However, over the next few days I noticed that my close vision (particularly on the right) is blurry....it's as if the prescription is too strong on the right so I am having to focus too much to read. I could deal with all of this, but what I can't handle is the intense headache that I get every day, starting about 5 minutes after I put my glasses on in the morning and only subsiding when I close my eyes or take off my glasses. I absolutely never had this problem with the old lenses, so I went back to my eye doctor. They are insisting that everything about the replacement lenses is exactly the same as the old lenses, but that is clearly not the case since I never had these vision or headache problems before and had them immediately with the replacement lenses.

They state that they already returned the old lenses back to the lab to be destroyed and they reluctantly agreed to schedule another appointment with the eye doctor where she will look at my prescription and my lenses. I suspect that she will simply tell me that the vision problems and headaches are a result of my vision having changed over the last 2 years (which it has, but again I never had this degree of vision difficulty and never had headaches at all until they replaced the lenses). What, specifically, should I ask the office to check about the replacement lenses?

Thanks in advance for your time...
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Look at it like this. You likely have a closet full of shoes that are all the same size. Yes each pair feels a little different. Moreover you have an old comfortable pair and you buy a new pair and they don't feel the same.  besides the RX being "the same" other variables include: the RX being ground wrong, the optical centers not being in proper position, the pupillary distance (PD) being wrong, the base curve of the glasses being different,  So there are a lot of things that could be the problem.

I think you are likely stuck with getter a new RX based to the readings done at that exam. You can ask them to indicate to use the same base curve as your old comfortable glasses, ask them to remeasure the PD and check the optical centers on the glasses you're wearingnow.

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