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Retina Hole - Laser treatment
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Retina Hole - Laser treatment

I am a high minus in both eyes, wear glasses for work and driving and some use of rigid gas perm. contacts on weekends, also have cataracts developing. I also havea progressive eyeglass prescription to wear at the computer at work Just had a recent retina exam and tiny hole was spotted in one eye.  I had laser treatment that same office visit.
At my follow up visit to specialist, what questions do I need to be asking?  I think I need more information about my retina health before deciding to proceed with cataract surgery this year.
Am I at higher risk of detachment because of this hole?  Had one hole 10 years ago- similar treatment and in teh same eye.  Never have had more serious tears.  No sign of retina weakness in eye with more developed cataract.
At 61, need good vision for work and to drive,etc. Very nervous about my eyes!
Are monofical lenses better for me?  Do I wait until things settle down with retina - how do I know when that will be?
Please suggest other questions to ask.  Doctors do not always have time to go over every eye topic and it seems these days, patients need to educate themselves befor office visits.
Thanks for any help you can offer..
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Make sure you are seeing a retina specialist to look for holes etc.  If the laser is adequate 2-4 weeks after it was done and there are no other holes present, you are likely OK to proceed with cataract surgery taking into consideration that you are at slightly increased risk of further holes and tears in the retina after cataract surgery.  Just make sure there are no other active holes in the retina, that your cataract is truly affecting your vision, and that you schedule a repeat retina exam about a month after the cataract surgery with a retina specialist to make sure there are no new holes after the cataract surgery.  As far as which lens to choose, it depends on your personality, eye health, preferences, etc and should be discussed with the cataract surgeon.

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Thanks you Doctor for your comments.
I have my follow up appt. with the retina specialist this week and will ask him more questions about my left retina. The cataract in that eye is not effecting vision. The cataract in the right eye is beginning to cause some ghosting. When I am working , driving, etc. my vision is OK. The only time I know about the ghosting is when trying to read the eye chart at the Dr''s.or if I close the left eye and try to just use the right eye. Does taht mean it's time to get both eyes done?
I am leaning towards waiting for a 6 month retina check up before looking into the cataract surgery. That will give me time to change to PPO insurance. I prefer to have a cataract surgeon from a smaller, private practice do the surgery. Right now, with HMO, I have to use the surgeon who is only at my local eye office part time.  I do not like the idea of having one Dr do surgery and then have to see another Dr. the next day for the check up.
Again, thanks for your answer and if you have additional comments about waiting for the cataract work and insurance,etc. please reply.
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