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Retinal Scar Tissue
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Retinal Scar Tissue

In 2006, I found out that I had a detached retina in my left eye.  I had 3 surgeries in 6 months to try and fix it.  The first, the surgeon tried putting a silicon band around my eye.  While it helped, it didn't fix it so now I shall have the band around my eye for the rest of my life.  The second surgery, was done by the same doctor, and this time, a bubble of gas was injected in to try and push it back into place.  When this didn't work, I tried another Surgeon, who wanted to try the gas bubble again.  This didn't work either.  I have lived with it for the past 2 years because I am 20 years old, and cannot find an insurance company to insure me.  I went to the doctor this past week, and he stated that the scar tissue was pretty bad, is there anything that can be done to keep me from losing any more sight?
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Yes, you probably need at least one or more additional surgeries by a skilled retinal surgeon.  It doesn't sound like the surgeons gave up but rather you may have run out of insurance?  I don't know what to say - you know there is no easy answer.  I'm sorry.

You could seek out the expertise of a very skilled retinal surgeon, who should be able to remove the scar tissue. However, the surgery may pose more risks than gains. Depending on the extent of the scar tissue having surgery may either cause another RD or you could suffer nerve damage. At this point if the retina is attached from an anatomical standpoint your case is considered a success. The visual outcome for many who suffer from PVR is poor and truth be told there is not much that can be done. Your left eye has been operated on numerous times and at the present serves as a "spare tire", albein a poor one, in case anything should ever happen to the other eye.
If on the other hand the scar tissue is still proliferating and currently causing traction that threatens the stability of the retina, your best bet would be surgery. The surgeion could use diamond coated forceps to remove existing scar tissue, and/or s/he could remove part of the retina to help it lie flat against the eye. Also, maybe laser and vitrectomy w/ silicone oil tamponade instead of gas may help. In some cases a stint of prednisone taken orally may help ease inflammation and suppresssome of the scar tissue growth. These are just some of the options available. Talk w/ your surgeon.

If surgery is the route for you then you can look into medical programs from hospitals, your local department of services for the blind, knights templar, and/or the local chapter of a Lions's Club, to aid you financially.

Lastly, just an fyi, I'm no doctor, just a 24 year old fellow RD sufferer who has undergone multiple surgeries on both eyes due to PVR.
You must try to get help with this. It is very important to know that you have tried your best, even if it may fail. Start with your conty hospital or clinic. Also try to get a job with insurance.

A surgeon operated on my daughter when we did not have insurance. I am so grateful.

Please try to get help/ I had five surgeries, I would have 100 if I get get more of my sight back. Silicone oil is a good possibility for you. Also, you do not want to lose your eye.
Silicone oil may not bring your vision bacl, but it could save your eye.

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