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Scared to death (Optic Neuritis and Multiple Sclerosis)
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Scared to death (Optic Neuritis and Multiple Sclerosis)

Hey all,
from a month i woke up finding a big blind spot in my right eye without any pain or headache or any other symptoms, i went to the ophthalmologist and he told me that everything's fine with my eye there's nothing wrong and he told me that's "probably" an Optic Neuritis so transferred me to a neurologist who requested a MRI+C which was normal too, then he said also that's "Probablyā€¯ ON but he wasn't sure because he didn't see the Inflammation through the MRI and i started to take steroid pills (40 mg) per day but i wasn't so convinced that it's an ON because i didnt find myself suffering from its symptoms specially the pain and headache parts, so i went to another ophthalmologist who requested an "OCT" and he told me if there is any inflammation it will appear in it, i made it and found nothing also, the OCT was normal then he told me maybe there was a very Simple inflammation and it's gone but it takes up to 6 months to recover and to improve the sight and he advised me to continue on the steroid pills, now i am on steroid pills since 3 weeks and i didnt find any improvement, the blind spot is the same (20% of my right eye) but from reading about it i knew that in 85% i won't recover my sight again but i kept hoping that maybe i am from the 15% that do recover their sight after an ON
what really terrifying me now, what i read about the relation between ON and Multiple Sclerosis specially if you took Steroid pills (oral) as a treatment
specially i do suffer from problems in my immune system (Psoriasis) already, i really can't sleep from thinking about that and MS specially i read about many topics and many people suffered from MS after an ON and also many people suffered from ON many times again after treated from it!
i cant stop googling and reading and thinking about it, and how my future gonna be!
is there anyway to reduce the risk?
Thanks A lot in advance
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Optic neuritis is often associated with MS, but I am not sure this is what you have.  I would see a neuro-ophthalmologist at a major university and have a visual field test.  If it is not optic neuritis, the neuro-ophthalmologist could refer you to the proper doctor in the department for further testing.
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1. I have MS

2. ON is associated with MS

3. It's been my experience that they can clearly determine if you have optic swelling.  The MRI would show swelling and the infamous "plaques" or lesions.  Although the MRI cannot see everything - especially depending on the strength of the machine you had your MRI test - chances are, if there was ON - they would have been able to see "something".

4. How does bright light affect you?
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First of all thanks for your reply :)
3-yes i did the MRI test but there was nothing wrong, no Lesions or optic swelling, doest that mean i have a low risk to develop MS? because i read that yes i does lower the risk to develop MS if the MRI was normal, but that doesnt mean it won't develop MS specially i took oral steriods alone as  a medecation without IV
i am afraid of another attack in my other eye or same eye, i dont know what to do know
4- somehow yes, but not that much, but the blind spot didnt improve (decrease) at all (6 weeks since i had the problem)
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