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Scleral Buckle Post Surgery Problems
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Scleral Buckle Post Surgery Problems

After having scleral buckle surgery for a detached retina on 5/11/10 I still cannot see very well out of that eye.  I have pretty good close vision in that eye but it's very hard to focus and the words/letters on written material appear distorted as well.  Far vision is much worse - very muddled - like looking through a piece of scratched bottle glass; and, it's impossible to focus on far-away objects using only that eye.  It seems to me that if the retina is healed enough to see up close then I should also be able to focus on and see objects further away.  I also still see a line of bright light when I blink really hard or rub my eye in a dark room and it still feels like something is in my eye most of the time.  The doctor has seen me once a month since the immediate post-op visits and he states that everything is going well.  Nevertheless, I'm not satisified with these results this long after surgery and I believe I should get a second opinion from another surgeon who regularly performs this procedure. What is your opinion re: my lack of vision in that eye this long after surgery and what about the bright light I'm still seeing - is that an indication the retina is still detached in some location?  I'd also like to know if a second opinion visit to another surgeon would be a recommended course of action at this point?
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Dear willybill230,

Depending on where the retinal detachment was and whether it involved the area of central acuity, the macula, vision may not fully recover.  With a sclera buckle the prescription may also be more nearsighted so distance vision will be blurry.  IF you have any questions that are not answered, I would first speak with your eyeMD.  I always advise second opinions if you cannot get your questions answered.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
I had a RD with scleral buckle and silicone oil 9 months ago.  I still cannot see well at all with this eye.  Healing is a long process.  If you do not believe that you have the best possible doctor you can have or your questions are not being answered then you should get a second opinion, in my opinion.  I am fortunate to have an amazing, highly respected doctor and I completely trust him.  I have several complications that need to be addressed one at a time.  My doctor just reminded me this past visit of how long the retina takes to heal.  What happened to you is still a very new situation as far as eyes go.  I had all kinds of strange lights, shapes, pulses, etc., in my eye for months and months and months.  My doctor kept assuring me that the eye is put back together correctly and that is all that we can do.  Nature will do more in time.  Remember that when you are dealing with nerve damage, etc, which occurs with RD, the nerves take a long time to regenerate.  My doctor tells me that he sees people 24 months after surgery, still seeing vision improvement in some cases.  As far as the discomfort in your eye, the buckles are pretty brutal to the eye and mine hurt quite a bit at first as well.  I would also get incredible shooting pains through the eye.  That has now stopped, I only get a dull ache at times or a little headache.  Mostly when I am tired, I can feel the buckle as it feels harder to close my eye.  Hope some input helps... take care.
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