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Scleral Buckle Removal
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Scleral Buckle Removal


This Friday I am due to have a my scleral buckle removed at Moorfields eye hospital in London UK.

I had the buckle fitted aged 10 & am now 31.
There is no serious pain or infection & I have perfect vision.

Occasionally the buckle causes slight discomfort & so I decided to ask an expert about the possibility of having it removed.

The nurse at the hospital did say the buckle appears to have loosened & the specialist doctor was very relaxed about the removal procedure.

I'd like to know more about the procedure & what will be removed exactly?
What are the risks & what is the recovery time for such an operation?

I understand that every case is different & I'm in good hands at Moorfields but still, I can't find any up to date information on the removal of scleral buckles and most sites I have seen say that removal isn't a common thing.

Has the technology/procedure for removal improved in recent years?

I eagerly await your response.

Many Thanks,

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This is very individualized surgery so its impossible to generalize. Like all surgery it carries a risk of infection, bleeding, scar formation. Like eye operations it carries a risk of retinal detachment, double vision, droopy eyelid, reduced vision and a very small risk of loss of eye.  

You will need to clarify your situation with your surgeon.

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