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Scratch on eyeball
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Scratch on eyeball

I am just wondering how long it takes for scratches of the eyeball to clear up and the symptoms to disappear.
I woke on sunday morning with a sore stinging eye, as if there was something in it, but i couldn't see anything and it hurt as i blinked. My vision was also blurry.
My sunday night it hadn't gone so i saw the doctor at the A+E who shone lights into my eye, and put some coloured drops into it. He couldn't find anything wrong so he sent me home with some drops called Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment, and told me if it wasn't better by Monday morning, go to another hospital which has an opthamology dept.
It wasn't much better so i went to the other hospital and the doctor there examined me with what i think was a slit lamp, he used some yellow dye drops in my eye and he says he could see a small scratch. He said it should heal up by itself in a few days, and to carry on using the drops i got the previous night.
It is now wednesday night, my eye doesn't hurt so much anymore, just a bit uncomfortable, but my vision isn't as sharp as it shold be, mainly when reading.
I am not sure if it is normal to take this long to heal and when i should return to the hospital if it doesn't improve?
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It can heal in a day or two if small or can take a week or more if large.  Some people also heal much better than others.  Keep ointment on eye - that will promote healing.  If not consistently getting better - see doctor again.

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