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Serious Eye Problems

I'm 20 years old.  I've been wearing contacts (Acuvue 2) since 6th grade and never had problems.  I have allergies so from 6th-12th grade I got allergy shots.  Around my last semester of high school I stopped doing shots because I didn't have time to get them.  During the following summer I started having red eyes.  I didn't think much about it because it wasn't too bad so I just kept wearing my contacts.  Once I moved to college (still wearing contacts but for some reason switched to Acuvue Oasis), the first night I stayed there, I woke up the next morning and my eyes were bloodshot red.  I freaked out and didn't know what the problem was.  I went to my eye doctor and he said I had eye infections in both eyes so he gave me some steroid drops that I used for 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks I went back to contacts and within a few days the same problems came back.  So I kept having the same problems and went back to him multiple times, he gave me drops, the eye problems came back, then I repeated the process.

Then finally around that following January, I went to the ophthalmologist.  He gave me more drops, and said it might be the dorm I was staying in since it was an old dorm.  I did the drops and like usual the problems persisted.  So after I got out of that dorm at the end of the year I hoped that the eye problems would stop; well they didn't.  They continued into that summer and have continued since for 9-10 more months.  I started researching the internet because my doctor's "solutions" haven't been working.  I started wearing Acuvue Oasis when I got into college.  I researched that and TONS of people said they had problems.  So I went back to the doctor, he gave me more f'n drops, like usual, but he DID switch my contacts.  So I did the drops, and after I was done with those, I tried the new contacts & contact solution.  Well that didn't work..... Any thoughts, suggestions, anything.  Is it the contacts, the solutions, should I start back doing allergy shots????

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I would suggest stopping the contacts for 4 or 5 months.  In the meantime try an allergy drop like patanol twice a day all year long.  Consider getting your allergy shots again.  When you eventually restart contacts consider focus dailies and never sleep in them and throw them out every day.  So you will not need to use contact solution at all, then.  You will definitely need to stay out of the contacts for several months though.  In the end you may just be one of those people that do poorly with contacts and may need to let it go and just consider lasik surgery if the contacts give you that much trouble.

I wanted to add some more but ran out of room.  My symptoms are redness, itching, CONSTANT tearing, sometimes a gritty feeling.  It's very uncomfortable and not attractive to look at.  I have to wear my glasses most of the time now.  The contact solution I use it Opti-Free Express Lasting Comfort Formula.  Most of the other solutions aggravate my eyes.  I'm currently using Acuvue 2 again but I did try 1-day contacts but those really didn't do anything either.  Seriously, do yall think it's because I stopped getting allergy shots??  Could that be the entire problem? Is it the contacts?  Is it the contact solutions? Do I have some weird disease?  Do I have a infection that just hasn't gone away in 2 years (even though I've done steroid drops multiple times).  I clean my hands very well and the contacts too so I know it's not hygiene.  I have these symptoms at any place I live/sleep.  I mostly wear glasses yet still have the same problems but it is noticeably worse when I have contacts in or take them out.  PLEASE any help will be awesome because I'm worried/frustrated.
I am not an MD and you would certainly want to check this out with an MD to see if you have an infection or other issue.  I have had success using Sauflon solution with my Acuvue Oaysis. It is a hydrogren peroxide based system that requires soaking for six hours. You cannot put this directly in your eye. I tried this with good results following developing an ulcer on my cornea with Optifree Express. It is much more comfortable. I order it through my eye doctor.  
Many yrs ago I developed a case of ocular rosacea. My symptoms were similar to yours. I had a grit feeling in my right eye and it was constantly bloodshot and watering. Tried many drops, including the steroid drops, which helped but the problem returned when I'd come off the drops. Eventually an ophtomalogist I saw pointed out the redness I had on my face and said I looked like I might have rosacea and he mentioned it can sometimes affect the eyes. I went to a dermatologist after that. The eye problem seemed to resolve on its own after awhile, although the symptoms lasted a couple years before they subsided.
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