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Should my 6-year-old daughter wear glasses?
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Should my 6-year-old daughter wear glasses?

Dear Doctor,

I took my daughter (who's 6 years old) to see the Pediatric Opthamologist yesterday. He said my daughter's astigmatism has increased to 20/40 (left eye) and 20/50 (right eye). In the past two years, when my daughter's visions were 20/30 and 20/40, he said it was too young to correct the visions. Yesterday he told me that it is better for my daughter to wear glasses because she is going to 2nd grade for more academic work even though she is doing very well in her class and doesn't complain not being able to see things in class. She also has no trouble reading (she is reading above her level actually) and doing other work. I asked her teacher if she displays trouble signs seeing things and she said no. The doctor didn't say if the glasses will help correct the visions or not. Are there any possible ways to help my daughter correct her visions without wearing glasses (such as taking fish oil vitamins, eating more fish and adjusting her visions by looking at trees from far distance)? I know these may sound funny, but I feel bad to have her wear glasses at this young age and don't know if this will help her visions or not. Thank you so much! Sincerely,
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If she truly needs glasses according to the pediatric ophthalmologist, then taking vitamins or supplements or exercises will not change things.  You need to have an understanding what is truly in your daughter's best interest.  If she needs glasses then you have to be able to give her what she needs to develop good vision for rest of her life.  I cannot make any comment on what exact prescription is needed in her case.  All I have is your word,  If you don't trust your pediatric ophthalmologist, then that is between you and him. Why don't you get another opinion if that will make you feel better. If however, she needs glasses then that is not some terrible problem.  You should be thankful that she otherwise has healthy eyes.  If she does indeed need glasses, then you need to get on board with the idea and be proactive and help her get used to wearing them  That is extremely important.  If she gets mixed messages from you and is made to feel that glasses make her less special in some way then that is not a good idea.  Kids need all the the confidence and support possible.  It bothers me sometimes when parents act like it is some terrible thing that their child might need glasses.  It's not that major of a deal - especially to the kids.  Just get her a couple of pairs of very cute glasses and it should be no problem.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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