Similar to another question about diagonal lines after cataract surgery
by jeaneyes, Oct 01, 2010
I just had cataract surgery and multifocal lens implant 3 days ago and the followup exam the next day, that checked out fine. Tonight, I noticed a strong, very prominent diagonal line when looking at the outside lights/street lights.  My right eye did not have this effect after surgery, just the typical halo and starburst effect, but not diagonal lines. I wonder if this will go away eventually.   Another problem is a vague awareness of a sensation of something in the lower left corner of the left eye, as if something is there, but you can't see it, that comes and goes, particulary when I was watching TV, closing my eyes, then opening them.  A slight curved area, then disappears, does not block vision, just annoying.  My doc says everything looks fine to him. It is hard to explain it, but I described the symptoms on-line and found some info about decentering and dislodgment of the lens.  The doc did not seem to think this was the case, but I am skeptical.  Any one else had this happen after lens implantation?
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Yes, other people have these problems. When the exam by the surgeon is normal and it's indicated that it will likely go away it usually does. Good luck.

by jeaneyes, Oct 03, 2010
Its always reassuring to know other people have a similar problem and get feedback on how they are dealing with it.  I may be possible that what I am seeing is not evident on an exam (?).  I think highly of my doctor and would not want him to feel bad about something going wrong after his treatment.  I just have the feeling this is not going to go away.  I will be a week postop on 10/04/10.  Those diagonal lines I spoke of do seem to have dissipated, but the bothersome feeling that the lens is slightly displaced is still there.  If I relax my eyes and center my finger between my eyes, a slightly dark line or  "edge" moves into my peripheral vision, and in certain light, it is accentuated, as if something is there that should not be.  I wonder if it may be the "ghosting" effect that I was reading about.  At any rate, though I am happy to be able to see clearly and read without glasses at about 12 inches, and my distance vision is improved - it is bothersome to have this feeling that something is askew on my eye and it is a bit uncomfortable.  I am wondering if I should get a second opinion or see a retinal specialist (though a retinal specialist would not necessarily be any more expert on a lens implantation).  On the other hand, the thought of having a re-operation and the risks involved is rather frightening.  I was not expecting to have any such dilemma as I was just a simple case of minor cataracts with no other vision problems other than typical presbyopia.
I am relatively young, mid-fifties, work full-time as a medical editor staring at a computer all day, am an avid reader, travel a lot (driving), and otherwise live an active life, so the overall quality of my vision is quite important.  

I very much appreciate your feedback.  I went into this forum as there are few people to consult regarding this matter.  I know no one in my age range who has had cataracts, or multifocal lens implantation - but I know they're out there.  My docs office referred me to a couple of people who were older who are happy with their lenses - but they had poor vision all their lives so were just happy to see.  I know of several people in their 80s who have basic mono IOLs, but not multifocals.  It is nice to hear from a physician and I hope you are right in your opinion.  Thank you.

by Marie2011, Oct 03, 2010
Hi jeaneyes,

I just had cataract surgery 3weeks age on the left eye all went well, however the cataract surgery Sept 30, 2010 on the right eye is a different story,  I too have the problem night glare that is much worse than before from the headlights of cars beams or lines of light extended outward horizontally not like before star burst and halo glare.  Having this problem will interfere my night driving. I will call the ophthalmologist tomorrow. I had just the standard cataract surgery.  My question, what cause this since I didn't have it before and what can be done to correct this. I appreciate any response,  please,  can anyone give us some answers?  Thanks
by ajg33, Oct 03, 2010
I too just had catarac surgery on this past wed and have the beams of light at night when i look at any lights. I was wondering if this is a natural thing that will disapate with time?
i go for my week post op on wed i will see what they say!
I hope this goes away
by jannet55, Oct 04, 2010
It has been almost a year since my multifocal lens was put in.  The first couple weeks I had all kind of strange lights like you described and diagonal lines were the worst.  Scared me but they went away.  
by jeaneyes, Oct 05, 2010
Thanks for your comments -
As far as the halos and starburst effects, these are well documented so I would not worry about those marie.  I have been told to have patience and that these things will go away with time.  They told me my "brain to eye" connection needs to get in synch. : )  Sometimes the thin hoops (like reflections) I see in low light can be annoying, but still, I know its normal.  I must admit, after getting the second eye done, they are more noticeable because I can't see things the regular way like I was with the one eye not yet done - but now all lights at night have halos and various "spider web" effects around them.  As I already mentioned, those diagonal lines are not as bad 1 week out.  Glad to hear they went away for you Jannet.  This bothersome thing in my peripheral vision I'm afraid is not going to go away because its not like the other things.  I don't look forwared to mentioning it to my ophthalmologist when I go for my second postop visit in a couple weeks.  (I already told him once but that was 1 day postop) and I don't think they understood what I was describing/or were in denial.  I could probably live with it, but it just doesn't feel right and I am always aware of it.  I noticed that when I'm sitting by a bright light on my left, I get an an uncomfortable feeling, I see a slight glare, and have more awareness that something is out of alignment, and a fine flicker, but not enough to obstruct my vision.  Since I had nothing like this on the right side, I think it will have to be addressed.  Good luck to you all and thanks for your feedback.
by Marie2011, Oct 05, 2010
I updated the comment I made however I don't see it here,  so I will post the update here.
Sorry if I am repeating myself.  The surgery was Sept 30,10  it was day 5 I did a night test drive and happy to say that the glare and lines went away. I had called my surgeon that very morning with my concerns she did return the call and told me a medical name which I don't remember what it is and it will smooth out and the lines and glare will go away.  She said the brain will adjust to the bright light we experience but as for the glare and lines has nothing to do with the brain adjusting. Thanks for your all comments.
by starlightventure, Apr 24, 2013
I had surgey one week ago. The haloes and star bursts cleared right up. But the curved vetical line in my outer perifical vision did not. It looks no doubt like the outer edge of the lens. No big deal, but unexpected.
by CherylLee76, Apr 25, 2013
Did you have surgery for normal cataracts? what is your age and how bad were the cataracts? Do you know what lens strength was used and the if you were near or far sighted? Also was there a diopter difference between the eyes.