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Some advice from someone who beat the eyelid itchies!
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Some advice from someone who beat the eyelid itchies!

I also suffered from itchy swollen lids for a while. It seemed to come out of the blue! One day my eye was itchy and i scratched it, then it got raw and swollen. Then because it was swollen and the skin is so thin and sensitive, the skin cracked and got all oozy and crusty and hurt like hell. Once it healed, the dead skin was flaky and itchy. So i scratched. Then the whole process happened all over again. I was pretty sure that if i could stop itching/scratching it, that my eye would heal on it's own. And it did. Here's how i treated it and stopped ITCHING. (the worst!)

Because i wasn't sure if it was an allergy (it seemed like it) or a fungus, this is what i did:

1) i took 24hr Claritin every day for two weeks
2) I washed my eyes every morning, afternoon and night with Johnson baby shampoo & scrubbed w/ a Qtip.
3) Bought a warm air humidifier and put it next to my bed. (vicks sells one at cvs for $20. it's great)
4) I did NOT put anything on my lids, not even moisturizer - except:
5) Oregano oil. This stuff is a life saver and gets rid of the itch immediately. I put a capful of extra virgin olive oil in a shotglass and mixed in a few drops of Oregano oil. Then i applied it to my lids w/ a Qtip every night until the problem was gone. (use a qtip or else you could get too much on your lid which will drip into your eye)

Oregano oil is very strong (smelling and acting) so it needs to be mixed with EVOO to make it less potent. If you apply it full strength it will BURN like crazy. It is going to burn for about 10 mintues regardless, because it works by releasing oxygen which reacts to the water in your body - which creates heat. It's not painful - but it feels like you put BenGay on your eyelid. But i swear, only for a few minutes and then your eyelids won't itch at all. if you can tough it out, it's worth it. Doing this every night will keep my eyelids from itching for the entire next day. (although i carried oil w/ me as a precaution incase i got the itchies)

it was also great because oregano oil is an anti-fungal, so if it was fungus related instead of just allergies, this would've helped to heal it as well. It's also super moisturizing, so it helped to keep the dry skin at bay.

It took about 2 1/2 weeks of never touching my eye for it to get better. What i think ended up being my problem was the handsoap in my bathroom! i threw out my makeup but kept washing my hands before touching my eyes to take out my contacts every day. and BLAMO - allergy city. It also could've been painting my nails & touching my face,(due to the formaldehyde) but that seems less likely. Although, if i had scratched & cracked the skin, then hit it w/ the nailpolish, that could've been enough for the problem.

Also, for a quick fix, going outside in the cold helped to ease the itch. If i got an onset at work and didn't have any oil on hand, i'd wash my face in the bathroom and then take a walk outside.

Good luck!!
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