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Sudden acute Astigmatism
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Sudden acute Astigmatism

Hi all!
Ill start with a little background info. I am 25 years old Employed by the USN, a Corpsman 3rd class. I love my job as i work in a small clinic and work in Optometry, I do all the tests on patients including topography, visual fields, GDX, pics of eyes, auto refrac, etc.... so I'm fairly familiar with my job. I had 20/10 or 20/15 OS OS OD my whole life, and just a few days ago I was giving a acuity test on a patient...

the question:
as i was giving these patients the standard 20 foot acuity test i noticed when i was looking at the lines my vision was blurry and i found myself needing to walk half way to the chart to see what people were reading. it kinda concerned me so I had my co worker auto refrac me and the numbers were way high, as I train alot of people and just a week before my numbers were normal.
                                             SP  CYL  AXIS
Normal refraction for me is OD: PL-0.25 x170
                                       OS: -0.25-0.25x 88

Yesterdays refraction        OD:  -0.75-1.25x 178
                                      OS:  -1.00-1.25x100
Now in a weeks time thats a massive amout of cyl to just show up, not to mention sph.  Im complaining of all the problems associated with astigmatism, blurry vision, seeing double when reading from a distance, inability to focus w/o squinting, head aches.  so my optometrist threw my on his machine and came up with me needing glasses after trying out different numbers n such. has anyone heard of a sudden onset of vision loss with someone with near perfect vision? because i sure haven't, neither has my optometrist.

any help rendered is greatly appreciated,
thanks- chris
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1. Thank you for your service to our country.
2. Ask for a referral to the ophthalmology clinic.
3. That amount of myopia and astigmatism would not develop in a week or two.
4. high blood sugars could cause that. Be sure you do not have diabetes.
5. you are not on a medication like topomax (topamax)?
6. When you get to the ophthalmology clinic you need a post cycloplegic refraction to determine if you are truly myopic or if you have spasm of accommodation or pseudomyopia due to accommodating.
7. Need to rule out cornea disease such as k-conus (unlikely), cornea edema
8. need cornea topography
9 if all is negative need macular OCT to r/o edema.

Good luck

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