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Uneven Pupil Dilation
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Uneven Pupil Dilation

Hey there.  I noticed my right pupil larger than the other in dimmer lights while I was going through anxiety.  I feel like I've got the anxiety somewhat in control now....BUT it's still there.  I find that ..that eye is more sensitive to light...glare-like.  I assume it's 'cause it's dilated larger than the other.  In bright light they look about the same..but in dim light it's noticable.  Could this be from anxiety..how long could this symptom from anxiety last?  **My mother has uneven pupils too but they don't bother her...mine seem to have symptoms like light sensitivity and pain sometimes..  also, it's slightly blurry in the morning for about 10 min and then it's fine.  If I put eye drops in it in the morning..it's clear right away.

Help :)
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There a few possible causes of the uneven pupils.  Some are problematic, others harmless.  Carefully look for any droop in the eyelid - that can be a sign of a 3rd cranial nerve palsy or of horners syndrome.  One interesting thing to mention - it's not always the larger pupil that is the abnormal one.  With horner's syndrome the abnormal pupil is smaller (especially in dim light) and the eyelid droops a little.  With Adie's pupil the abnormal pupil is larger especially in brighter light and the eyelids should be normal.  THe most dangerous possibility is a 3rd nerve palsy which could cause a partial loss of eye movement, a large pupil and droopy eyelid (but not always all 3.)  Some eyedrops (especially Visine type drops) can make the pupil bigger.

My advise is the make an appointment with an eye md ophthalmologis for an evaluation.  Good Luck.
I've already seen a couple Ophthamologists....they think it's phycologic.
No drooping of the eyelid or anything like that.  They eye looks normal besides this abnormal pupil. I just figured the larger one was the abnormal one..I dunno..  It's more noticable in dim light....in bright light..you can't see it unless you look REALLY close.

...but it looks as if I've had it for a while...well, I look at pictures from a fwe years ago..and it didn't seem to effect my vision..brightness wise..  BUT.. I'm wondering if anxiety can make the uneven pupils worse...    I started to notice the eye was seeing a lil off when I was at the end of my pregnancy from my first.  I also had high blood pressure where they had to induce me.  Maybe I got damage from that.  

It can't be an anurism from pushing her out 'cause I noticed something off b4 delivery..and it's been a year and a half..I'm sure it would have advanced.  Also..I went on antidepressents which made them worse for a bit..got off of them and they're still weird..but not as bad as when I was on antidepressents.  

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