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Visual problems, seeing spots strobes static and night distortion/blind...
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Visual problems, seeing spots strobes static and night distortion/blindness

About 3 years ago I started noticing sporadic spots in the right corner of my right eye that kind of flashed black and white and started small and grew but only lasting for about half of a sec.... It looks similar to a ripple in water. Usually it is one big one with a couple small followers. Later I began to develop a constant movement, or visual snow, in my parripheal and now it is in three different parts of the eye. It will create a blind spot if i let it and it is so annoying .It has only got worse, and now the rippling spots are happening more often and sometimes cover the whole right side of my eye, and sometimes does this 3-5 times in a row. I see these spots every single day between 3-15 times a day.. Usually around 5-7 times tho ( not including when it does it a few times in a row, I count that as one ). It just happens at random but I have noticed it as I exhale after holding my breath and when straining just a little...like when I exercise. When I am in the dark it is very hard to see out of my right eye, which is my good eye by the way, as far as a visual test in the light goes. It is extremely worse when entering a dark room from a bright room or looking at a light, such as a computer or cell phone and then looking around. My left eye is able to make out most everything in the room but the right one can't see my hand waving in front of my face... The best I can describe it is like a white film or screen over my eye, and I think I feel a pressure surrounding my whole eye, mainly on the front but I'm not sure if it's real or if I'm imagining it. My eye eventually adjusts a little but NEVER completely clears. Another thing, i very rarely see a very dim blue orjus lightly above and to the left of my pupil... Mainly at night while driving, and in the daylight I see a yellowish glass type spec in the same spot, both of these only last 1-2 seconds. I also see strobe lights about once or twice a week. Not sure what triggers it but I only see them in the dark. All of this is very MISERABLE!!!! And stressful because I fear something is bad wrong and it's only getting worse. I try to forget about it and just ignore it but that is definitely impossible.. For me any ways cuz I'm a deep thinker, if you can't already tell by my detailed description of my symtoms (symptoms) haha. But I just want to make it as clear as possible, so if there is a solution or diagnosis maybe my description will help someone recognize the symptoms and know exactly what it is. There are a few more but it's hard to describe and they don't bother me too much. Please help! Oh by the way a smoked marijuana for about 5 years, 3 of which I never missed a day.. And while I'm buzzed I notice the white-ish screen that I see in the dark in the daylight only it looks a little different, kind or just distorts my vision but doesn't make it blurry. I quit smoking in hope that it would help but it has not.
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I would recommend you start with an eye exam with an ophthalmologist.  He may refer you to a neurologist or a neuro-ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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