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What can I do to see again?
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What can I do to see again?

I had cataract surgery on both eyes in October 2009. I was given a
choice of a Basic replacement lens or the ReStor lens (SN6AD1 ACRY
SofIQ ReStor IOL)

Dr. Hughes said I was an ideal candidate for the ReStor lens. So that
is what I got. I have blurred vision now and have had blurred vision
ever since surgery. My vision is much worse at night!
I complained about this problem and after an examination, Dr. Hughes
said the problem was that both eyes had a film on them. He said Dr.
Underwood could remove the film and my vision should be alright. He
removed the film, but my vision remained blurred.

Then Dr. Hughes reminded me that he saw scars on my left eye in October
2009, and he said that is why my left eye vision is blurred!? So I
asked him what made my right eye have blurred vision. Dr. Hughes said
he could tell that I was an outside person and have been out in the
sunshine a lot. So I said, "you're telling me that scars are causing my left
eye to have blurred vision, and the blurred vision in the right eye is
caused by many years of being out in the sunshine!?" Dr. Hughes said
that was correct and he immediately told the nurse to get me on my

I am very disappointed that The Hughes Eye Center in Savannah, TN,
took my $4,000 and and took my vision also! During a phone call with
Hughes Center, I was told that my records state that I have 20/25
vision. I said that was absolutely not true, and that was not proper
for that to be entered on my record!

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Are you saying that your vision is worse after cataract surgery? What was your condition before surgery?
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So get a second opinion somewhere else. Find an Eye MD near you at www.aao.org

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