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What have you done if you cant get used to Lentis Mplus
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What have you done if you cant get used to Lentis Mplus



I have had the Lentis MPlus lenses in both eyes and not getting on with them at first i thought it ok i can see after the operation, and then i will get used to them.  but it has got worse in that i am finding it hard to accept that distance is not sharp, although i can see to walk and drive, i feel i am always straining into the distance and it makes my eyes and me so tired. tv is a problem or can be as i feel that my lounge tv is too far away now and its a strain on my eyes

halos, glare at night really bad, some put smilie face on headlights seems cute at first but it gets annoying

i just thought its ok it takes time my distance will become sharp dont be silly you wont be one of those that end up not happy with this

but i am finding it hard, with glasses the distance was sharp, its not sharp now and i feel i a looking into the distance and not enjoying it and its straining my eyes

there seem to be other lenses but whether its good to take lenses out as there could be complications?
or is it dificult to take out?
what if you end up worse off?

there the Lentis Comfort lenses? but that does not give you reading does it
but maybe one will have to settle for good intermediate good distance and wear reading glasses?
maybe i shall have to compromise
but then whether the company i went to, one of the big well known ones, will allow me to have my lenses out, or allow me FOC to have a different one?
what pressure can you put on them?

Lentis MPLUS TORIC?  what is this and its benefits
Lentis Tplus?

there are so many out there

and i thought i had got it right with the Lentis MPlus mulifocal lens as it says distance, intermediate and near, all one could want?

please do keep in contact i am getting fed up of my eyes, but i am kind of stuck as cant afford to pay it all again and why should i? but there again dont want to even if they offered have the ops again and find out i have worse vision that would be terrible

I HAVE BEEN BACK TO THE SURGEON IN FEB 2012 and he said there is nothing wrong with the Lentis MPlus so obviously he does not want to take them out and replace and did not ask.  He said he would not laser as i have dry eyes, and also i could lose some of my distance vision.  

any suggestions
your own stores

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Avatar m tn
Hi Sunshinett,

I have had a Lentis MPlus in my left eye for a month and have had a lot of ghosting for distance, though I have enjoyed quite good close reading distance without glasses. Intermediate is readable not is a bit of a strain.

5 days ago I got a Lentis Comfort in my right eye and the difference for me has been amazing. The Comfort has a 1.5 near add versus 3.0 for the Mplus, so the ghosting is much smaller or unnoticeable. With both eyes open, the ghosting from the Mplus virtually disappears as my right eye dominates the distance image.

The Comfort also gives me sharp focus for intermediate which is great as I use a computer all day at 60-70cm and read music, and the MPlus continues to give me focus for close reading.

The headlight smilie faces are still there if I look for them but are less now. They are not as big through the Comfort lens.

Early days, but I'm very happy with the combination. All three distances are now sharp and I don't need glasses at all.
Avatar f tn
Hello Rockroad  thanks for your reply

so you have two different lenses

the thing is with me i have already have the same lens put in each eye, back in Nov, so dont have the option of deciding the same as yourself after a month.  One lens was put in one eye and the other done a week later, so only a week apart.

Comfort lens - what about the distance vision?  does this lens give good distance too?

if you were to close your eye and just leave the one open with the comfort lens in, what does it give you

1.  Reading books, newspapers?
2.  computer work?
3.  watching tv at a distance say of 15 to 20m - lounge and bedroom tvs?
4.  driving with clear vision?
5.  looking at a view or people in the distance with clear images and not straining to see?

are all the above sharp? clear?  without having to strain?

does your vision differ in dim light?

does your vision differ throughout the day or day to day different?
do your eyes get very tired now and vision starts to blur?

what about eye infections or dry eyes?

just interested if you have good vision with the comfort for all the above without having to strain or get to you that you feel like you are straining.

Good to keep on this site to help others too

I dont know if i can get mine changed as i dont know if the company will take my lenses out or not. probably not they wont want to do that. then what if i get a worse result. its all a bit scary.  i can see the computer now, but have it on 125% feel i am straining with anything less, in fact prefer 150% and can read, but distance a real problem. blur in dim light. smilie faces on lights etc.  

thanks for getting back to me

Avatar m tn
Hi Sunshinett,

Both the Comfort and the MPlus have the same distance ability, the difference is that the multifocal bit in the comfort is intermediate (+1.5), not close reading like the Lentis (+3.0). So if I cover up one eye and look just through the comfort I get good distance, plus seeing both road and dashboard when driving, watching TV, and computer work. It gets a bit harder when reading at 30cm (possible but more straining) - that is where the Lentis works better.

No strain now, good vision in the dark, eyes not dry and have not had any infections.

Both lenses have a little bit of distortion with bright lights at night, giving a ghosted image below the primary image, but I'm noticing it less and less (and the comfort is better in this regard. Very clear now outside in the daytime.

Quite happy with them, especially compared to cataracts.
Avatar f tn
Hello this sounds very good and pleased for you too.  I am going to ask for all my records for a start from the company where I had my eye ops from.  Then takes these and get a second opinion I think.  Mention the comfort and what you have said, which is very useful. It is good to find how others are getting on, what experience they have had with the lentis and other lenses.

the thing that still gets me, is that they put you into a room to do all the calculations on your eyes, the machine with the hot air balloon that comes towards you and other machinery, so how can they get it wrong?

or is it due to the fact that they dont know how your eyes will adjust to the lenses?
does it depend on how your body adjusts to lenses? in which case then it must be very difficult to get the strength right
I presume they can tailor these lenses, alter the strength?

Also your brain - they kept saying to me at the start your brain has to adjust, and the more you look into the distance, near, look at different objects from the start, then you will get a better outcome? have you heard of this, all of these things above? interested to know.

Thank you once again.
Avatar m tn
Yes they call that neural adaptation (brain adjusting), and that has happened somewhat to me. But I also think the Comfort lens is easier to adjust to than the MPlus (the multifocal range is less on the Comfort).

Some people don't notice any aberrations at all, then some can notice them if questioned but it doesn't bother them at all.

However it seems that 5-10% of people don't adjust to multifocal lenses and there isn't a reliable way to measure that.

90-95% success seems like a great outcome, but those few who miss out are quite unhappy about it naturally, and we all come on the internet to talk about it! The rest (majority) forget about their eyes and get on with other things because they are happy with the outcome.
Avatar f tn
Hello Rockroad

thanks for this

yes they did say about your brain adapting

but you are saying maybe that not everyones brain adapts

or adapts so well

but the thing is you dont know do you if your brain is not adapting or not, or its the lens itself, or i dont know what

but thanks for keeping in contact

Avatar m tn
Yes, I think there are a minority of people who have more trouble adapting to multifocals at a acceptable level.

If you search on here for ReStor or Rezoom or even CrystaLens you will see that all multifocals have a group of people that are having trouble with them. Lentis Mplus seems to be less than those others and the Lentis Comfort even less again.

At least MPlus lenses don't have the large full circle halos around objects that the others complain of. And the MPlus seems to let a lot of light through also - don't see many complaints about contrast with the Lentis lenses.
Avatar n tn
Where in Australia are you, who was your eye surgeon. I am maybe having the Lentis Comfort in both eyes, rather than the Lentis MPlus. But I would like to be able to read 12 font print without glasses also.Will lentis comfort allow this? I use PC alot.
Avatar m tn
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