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When to wear glasses
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When to wear glasses

I am not certain how often and when I should be wearing my glasses to avoid eyestrain. My rx is as follows: OD-1.50 +.50x90  OS-1.00+.50x90 add +2.50. I am 51 years old and my distance rx is decreasing as my reading add increases which I understand to be normal. I wear progressives but have a hard time getting comfortable with them for computer distance. I can get away without wearing them when working at the computer (8 hrs a day) but then get headaches when changing focus to read paperwork in front of me on the desk.
Rather then continually taking glasses on and off, I don't wear them often and get alot of headaches. I do wear them for driving and watching tv and reading for longer periods of time ie: books, and magazine articles. Do you suggest I continue with this program or wear my glasses more often?
My uncorrected visual acuity at last exam was 20/150 OD and 20/100 OS. I had an optometrist tell me recently that I must not have been "trying hard enough to read the eye chart", as my prescription would likely indicate my acuity to be around 20/50-20/70. Is this true? He also suggested that I really didn't need to wear glasses often and that my reading add is probably wrong as it is too high for my age? Can you tell me if my rx is comparable (i know that it is impossible to determine this exactly) to a person that might have 20/100 and 20/150 vision, and when and how often my wearing glasses would be recommended by you.
I greatly appreciate any advice you might have for me.
Your optometrist is correct on most counts.  You should definitely wear glasses for driving for safety reasons.  As far as strain, it is the reading that gives you strain.  Computer without glasses is probably okay for you if you're not too close to the screen.  You should be measured for the correct add and use them to read.  You can either get a pair of individual reading glasses or a pair of bifocals for computer+reading given how many hours you sit behind a desk.  Trifocals and progressives to wear all the time are also possibilities but it seems you didn't like progressives.

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