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Woke up with bilat Vitreous detachment 24 years old
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Woke up with bilat Vitreous detachment 24 years old

Hello, I woke up one morning with floaters in my right eye. Went to my optometrist who diagnosed me with a bilateral posterior vitrious detachment. Although at the time I didn't notice any changes in my left eye there was an area of detachement in my left eye too. I have no eye problems ei: not short sighted etc. not diabetic and no connective tissue disorders. I'm also 24 years old. Went to an opthamologist who confirmed this. But there is no real explanation for it.. They both asked me if maybe I rub my eyes or something to cause it? I though well yes ofcourse I rub my eyes like everyone else? And it was left as "well rubbing your eyes must have caused this, stop doing it". I guess my question is or questions are:
1. is this a valid explanation for the cause of this happening? Could a medication cause it? Or straining?
2. Since it occurred 5 months ago they have gotten worse and I can see plenty of floaters in my left eye now too so does the vitreous keep detaching once it's started until its fully detached?
3. The last 3 months or so i also see a glowing little spot just off my centre off what I'm focussing on in bright lighted rooms. Always there like a glow worm looking thing but really small. What the heck is this now!
No flashes, never had them or "raining stars". Just worsening floaters and this stupid glow dot!
Never had an answer to why this occurred and am scared to do something to make it worse. I don't touch my eyes ever anymore for fear of a retinal detachment!
I would assume you may have had a genetic tendency for early PVD for some reason.  Rubbing the eyes is a stretch as many young people rub their eyes and the vast majority don't get PVDs in their 20s.  You need to see a retina specialist for a careful scleral depressed dilated fundus exam to make sure your retina is healthy.  Not sure what the glowing spot is but it may be a weis ring that gets brighter with light shining through it.  The retina specialist can check on this for you too.

The glowing dot is seen through my left eye only btw.
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