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Worsening vision
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Worsening vision

  I am 39, and have been myopic since age 5.  The myopia is so severe that I cannot read the big E on the eye chart.  I also have significant astigmatism in both eyes.
  Lately I find myself squinting and blinking.  Many floaters have developed, which I have had checked out by my ophth.--no retinal detachment  Sometimes it is hard to find a focal distance at all for small print, with or without glasses.  My left eye cannot focus at any distance without glasses.  I always feel like my glasses are dirty.  Often it seems like there's "goop" in my eyes that I have to blink away in order to clear up my vision.
  Is this reasonably normal?  Do I just need bifocals?  My doctor is not real concerned, but it's becoming very irritating.
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You may be describing two separate problems. The floaters are likely related to your myopia and it is important to have these checked out as you have.  FLoaters are unlikely to effect your vision however they may be a nuissance.  They will not cause blinking or discharge from your eyes.  The discharge may be caused by any type of eye irritation including dry eyes, allergy, blepharitis and many other causes. This discharge may cause some blinking and may blur your vision somewhat.  You should probably speak with your ophthalmologist to further investigate why you have the discharge.  You may want to try some artificial tears for now and these can be purchased over the counter.
Good luck.  This information was provided for medical informational purposes only.
*Keywords: ocular irritation, discharge, blurred vision

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