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a failed field test twice
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a failed field test twice

i have had an eye test,my eyes had deteriorated to-7 and -8,but back of eyes healthy,eye pressure in both 18,i had a field test as my mum has glaucoma and i didnt pass,i went back for a retest and right eye was much better and left eye worse than last test.i have to back for another next week,i tried my best but i go all blurry visioned after a couple of mins.what does this mean,should i be concerned?i am 41,thankyou
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Dear shell67,

The visual field test is not easy to do..I would speak with the doctor if you are having trouble with the testing and conditions.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
thanyou for replying.im very grateful.i didnt seem to get the hang of it as was going blurry very soon after starting.i tried an online visual field test yesterday and passed with no problems.it was different to opticians as i could wear glasses on the online test so was much easier to do.if i could have worn my glasses at opticians test im sure my results would have been better.why do they not allow you to wear glasses?also the online test i didnt have to stare at one spot,i followed a spot,then stared at it until i saw another spot,i did this no problems,are these online tests reliable?at the opticians i had difficuilty staring at the centre spot and missed quite a few from my side view,the online test i didnt miss any.also i have a floater in my right eye,would this affect the field test at opticians as when you stare ahead the floater stays still?the online test was still very hard to do but wearing my glasses realy did help,thankyou again.
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