blind spot left eye
by gardorum, Dec 26, 2009
HI, im little worried about a little blind spot, some days ago(1 week or 2 maybe) I started to see a spot in my left eye, is like when you keep looking at a light at when you look to other way the light spot is there, something like that,is in the left eye but not on the very center of my vision,is between edge an center, sometimes i forget it and dont cause problem but sometimes it really bothers me, to test it i close my right eye and for example i try to center the spot on tv, and i dont see the screen on tv, please help me,thanks.

by Michael J Kutryb, MDBlank, Dec 29, 2009
Please make an appointment and see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  THis symptom is definitely not normal and could indicate a vitreous floater or even some type of problem with the retina or optic nerve.  I can only speculate at present but you certainly need to be looked at in person.  Again, these are not normal symptoms.

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