blood on white of eye
by gayle417, Jun 04, 2009
my 11 year old son got punched in the eye. at first it was just black and blue and swollen. now a week has gone by and it is a very noticable blood on the white of his eye. this concerns me. i am worried that my son has permanant damage.
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by StressedInsomniac, Jun 04, 2009
It could be possible that he just has a blood shot eye from being punched in the eye. If you are worried contact your local doctors to have him checked out.
by Ray T Oyakawa, MDBlank, Jun 04, 2009
You really should have have him seen by an ophthalmologist.  This much trauma can lead to internal eye injury and it should be checked.

Dr. O.
by gayle417, Jun 05, 2009
Thank you and I did have my son checked out. He will be fine. I was told that it probably will be a couple of weeks before his eye completely heals. Thank goodness there was no serious injury. It actually looks worst than what it is from what the eye specialist explained.
This was my son's first black eye and I hope it will be his last. smile.
by StressedInsomniac, Jun 08, 2009
Really glad to hear he is fine.