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blunt eye trauma
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blunt eye trauma

so i was playing racquet ball today and i got hit dead in the eye my eye was wide open but it was a soft pass not more then 5-9mph my eye got all redy and hurt really bad i put eye drops in it and the redness and some pain went away now everything is very blurry out of that eye will this heal what can i do AT HOME to help it and what is the worst case sonerio that could happen. o and after it hit me i put ice on my eye for a bit. o and it was my left eye
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Dear bob51550,

I would recommend that you seek the care of an eyeMD to determine if any damage occurred.  Given your vision is blurry, immediate care is warranted!

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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