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blurred vision please help
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blurred vision please help

you might not know in how much pain ang agony i m posting this question
bc i have gone to many eye spec but none of them have been able to understand my prob
i am 28 male with nearvision problem rt eye (plus one) lt eye ( plus 2.5) using know
however ican completely raom around without glasses for normal daily living but problem comes when i got to read some thing i use glasses for that problem which i am facing is that once i am doing study after good about things starting appear as if u see things sitting in car with rain form ur windscreen(blurry) and it causes me real anger and agony and that situation goes off after some time and situation improves for some time once i am reading and i focus my vision on some distant thing and then see towards book ( for some time) .
for good about i am also suffering from IBS i doubt do it have any reltaion with blurry vision doc have given me only eyedrops named as systane (eye lubricant ) due to dry eyes
please help me as i am really tired  know
thanks in anticipation please.
You should see an ophthalmologist for a complete exam.  Be sure to have a gonioscopy to evaluate for a narrow angle.  This is not highly likely at your young age, but should be evaluated.  
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