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blurry vision after surgery
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blurry vision after surgery

Hi-I'm hoping someone can answer this question-my doctor doesn't have an answer.  Last week I had cataract surgery on my right eye. He implanted a lens by Alcon Labs called a AcrySof. My doctor set this eye for distance vision since I also have to have the left eye done. This one he will set for reading.  Two days after surgery, I could see clearly-everything was crisp and clear.  I haven't been able to see this well since I was a child. I went to bed that evening seeing clearly.  However, the following day-3 days out of surgery, I woke to blurry vision.  Thinking that this may be a normal thing, I waited the week before I called my doctor.  He had me come in to be checked but could not find anything wrong except that I still had some swelling.  Also, during the surgery, I had bleeding in my eye.  The iris was surrounded by a ring of red.  This blood circle has diminished after a week and all the remnants of that should be gone within another week.  My question is:  why, after being able to see clearly for a day, is everything getting blurry again and what can be done about this.  Also, did this bleeding have anything to do with this blurry vision?  I have been near sighted since about the age of 10.  After surgery,  my eye tested 20/40, 20/20 or better the second day after surgery and yesterday when the doctor tested it, it is now 20/60.  I'm very concerned and upset about this.  Any clarification would be helpful.  
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If the bleeing was on the white of the eye and visible to people looking at you - that is harmless and callled a subconjuctival hemorrhage - again a harmless situation that resolves on its own in a week or so - has absolutely nothing to do with vision.  I think that is what  you have.  If bleeding is inside the eye and only the surgeon can see it with the  microscope or slit lamp - then that can be very serious.  
There are countless reason why your vision could be less than desired.  Talk to your surgeon to find out the reason in your case.
Hi there.  I just posted above and also have an ALCON Lens ACRY SOF. I posted my model number.  Is your model number the same?  I feel your pain and frustration.  
God Bless You.
Dear LAS53,

There are many issues to the questions you described and it is difficult to know what you have without a complete examination.  Following cataract surgery, we do not always achieve unaided distance acuity even if that was our target.  I would want to know whether your vision is correctable with an eyeglass prescription.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California

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