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brief double vision
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brief double vision

while playing outdoor volleyball the other night, during the last game, I turned to get ready for the serve and was seeing about 20 people when there were only 10.  I couldnt focus my eyes and panicked asking someone to look in my eyes and see if they looked normal.  I experienced no other symptoms. (well maybe some fear)  It was on objects further away as I looked back and forth, I couldnt obtain focus.  When someone stood in front of me, and asked me how many fingers, I could gain focus after a second or two and tell them the correct amount.  But then looking to the distance again, and to and fro, I still had double vision problems.  After about 3 mins, things were back to normal.  I didnt cover each eye to determine if it was one or both.

I would some possible causes and how concerned should I be?  I called my PCP and he said I should see an opthomologist, but my appt isnt for 2 weeks.  

some potential causes:
1  The night before, I got little sleep, maybe 4 hours.
2  I didn
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Hello Stillerfan,  None of the things you mentioned should cause double vision and a complete comprehensive medical eye examination with a full service MD eye physician (ophthalmologist) is appropriate. If the double vision should return and is constant and doesn't clear up quickly, or if you have headache or the pupils are not the same size or your eyelid droops you should go to a local emergency room immediately.

There are some relatively harmless things that might have caused this episode including spasm of the muscles of focusing (accommodation).

JHC ME Eye physician-ophthalmologist.
thanks dr hagan,

i like the muscle spasm idea, i actually get spasms on my eyelids alot, and in my arms and thighs.  

its just a bit unnerving when you plug "double vision" into a google search and get results with stroke, mini-stroke, MS, etc,  which is why I didnt want to wait 2 weeks for a doctor to look at me.
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