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choroidal folds
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choroidal folds

a few months back i was diagnosed with choroidal folds after reporting seeing increased entopic phenomena to my optician and being sent for medical referal.  i've been extremely worried about my vision every since and confused as to why these folds have developed.

i'm 35 years old and extremely long sighted +8.50 but have never had any issues with my vision until now.  the opthamologist claims these folds (fine horizontal lines from optic disc to fovea) were probably there from the start but i'm positive the symptoms i experience only started about 11 months ago.

in addition to the increased observation of spots, floaters and swimming cells i have the following symptoms than seem to be getting worse:

1.  seeing bright afterimages whenever looking at lights or sunlight reflected off car bumpers...these "burn in " spots sometimes take several minutes to dissapear from my central vision.

2.  tv static noise in dark lighting....this covers my whole vision and is always present.

3.  seeing pusling lines that flash in time with my with my heart beat whenever i do anything strenuous or if i just dart my eyes quickly.  (only seem to see this in broad daylight for some reason)

4.  i wake up suddenly at night with ringing ears and a sort of dark rash in the center of my vision that slowly fades.

5.  black spots in my vision first thing in morning (could this be subtle bleeding at back of eye?)

5.  total numb feeling in arms and head when waking up..sometimes my whole head feels numb and cold.

5.  sometimes as i move my eyes i get a rushing noise in my ears.

i've explained all this to my opthamologist and she can't really explain it and i'm being evaluated every 6 month so.  my cocern and question to you is this:

could these visual problems and the other issues with numbness and ear ringing not be symptoms or some underlying disorder?  
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You might arrange to see a neuro-ophthalmologist and or a neurologist.   These symptoms are quite bizzarre and it's hard to think of a single entity that would call all of them.

In a situation like this you have to think of anxiety, depression, and psycho-somatic disorders. If you see a neuro-ophthalmologist and they don't find anything consider having your mental health evaluated by a psychiatrist.

JCH III MD Eye Physician and Surgeon.
thanks....i'm with the nhs (nationl health service) in the uk so not sure i can directly request a consultation with a neuro-opthamologist.

i really don't think these symptoms are anxiety related but i respect your opinion nonetheless.
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