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crying eyes
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crying eyes

A week ago, I had my left eye crying and with  a ittle discomfort like something was insideof my eye on the tear duct part, I started with antibiotic drops, after the second day my eyes got really red, after the  after 3 or 4 days the other eye was the same, I used also pink eye drops, and drops to get the red out, I wake up every morning with my eyes like glued, but nothing green, just clear, a doctor on the hospital where my husband works told him not to use antibiotic anymore because if it was conjuntivitis it could end up in a bacterial one, to use compresses of sterile water on the eyes only, which I have done, honestly not so much, the discomfort has gone away a bit, but the crying keeps going all the time, and it bothers, and I look tired all the time, forgot to mention 4 days after all this started a got the flu, and still with it, my eyes are not so red anymore, but p I am only using get the red out drops in the morning, but the crying does not go away, is this normal? When will this end? What can Ido? Please advise. Thank you
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Based on your description, it sounds like you may have a viral infection that began in one eye and subsequently transferred to your other eye.  Typically bacterial infections have thick yellow/greenish drainage, and there is some history of trauma or prior lid infection to one eye only, so the fact that both eyes are involved go against this diagnosis.  The history of having a flu and the clear discharge (crying)  also support a diagnosis of viral infection.  The course typically lasts around 2 wks and treatment involves supportive therapy with cold compresses, lubrication with cold artificial tears, and washing the hands to avoid spreading the infection to those around you.  If pain or vision significantly worsens, you should see an eye MD to rule out anything more serious, but usually viral conjunctivitis resolves on its own within a few weeks.
Thank you so much for your answer.
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