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eye pain after cataract surgery
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eye pain after cataract surgery

I had cataract surgery in December.  The right eye operation went perfectly but following the surgery in my left eye I developed eye pain.  The doctor says that the new lens went in just fine and he can not find anything wrong.  He sent me to my primary care physician.  My primary care physician wondered why my eye doctor didn't address my problem but he prescribed three weeks of antibiodics.  Hasn't helped.  I've asked both bothers what we do next.  Neither has a clue.  What should I do now.  The only other eye doctor is probably 150 miles away.
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Just my two cents, but if the pain developed after the cataract surgery then that is likely the cause.  It could be that you just have irritation at the incision site and that is not uncommon. I really don't see how the primary care doc needs to be involved in this situation.  Maybe your doctor could try a nonsteroidal like acuvail or xibrom once or twice a day and preservative free artificial tears every hour.  Punctal plugs may also help some cases. It is possible that the 3weeks of extra antibiotic drops actually irritated the eye more.  Remember that I cannot give you personal advise on what to do with your eye - that is the job of your personal ophthalmologist.  Your sitaution is not that unusual at all and I suspect you can get some good improvement with the proper treatment.

Saw my eye doctor again today.  Pressure is fine, 13.  New lens is fine.  The only thing that he can find wrong is that there are a lot a inflammed blood vessles at the incussion.  He's prescribed Zylet.  If that doesn't do any good, I'm to get an MRI.  If the Zylet does help he's not sure what to do next.

My impression is that neither my primary care physician nor my eye doctor has a clue as to how to handle this.  I can understand a PCP not knowing about eye problems but I'm at a loss as to why my eye doctor is stumped.

The eye doctor probably does 48 cataract surgeries a month but he say he has never seen a patient with this problem.  He is a part of a big statewide practice.  He has also indicated that there is nothing he can find wrong with my eye except the inflammation at the site of the incession.  He clearly does not think that this is an eye problem.

He had hoped that going off the omnipred would solve the problem.  It didn't.

Unless the MRI clearly shows something wrong, I don't think that either doctor has a clue as to what to do next.
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