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eye pain and moving objects
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eye pain and moving objects

I have been having eye pain for a few months now. it happens when i am using my computer and scrolling down a page or playing a game with fast movement.

also if i turn my head fast my eyes hurt and if i try to keep up with a moving object that is irght in front of my vision(a car, a person running past me) my eyes hurt and go double and i cant keep on the object.

if i am watching a movie and the camera moves fast it hurts my eyes and i cant keep up with it intill it stops.

i went to an eye doctor and he measured my eye pressure and it was 21 pressure but i went back again and did a field test and everything was fine he said and come back in 6 months.

i dont know wh at this could be.

also is it normal to see *blur* of a moving object? if i move my hand in front of my face i see a motion blur of it so to speak. eveyrone says its normal but i never noticed it before?!

thank you
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Pressure of 21 mm of Hg would not cause your symptoms. That is on the upper part of normal and needs to be checked at least annually by an ophthalmologist (a MD physician that does comprehensive medical and surgical eye care). If you have a family history of glaucoma you may need special tests and followed twice/year.

Seeing a blur with things moving quickly is normal. Think someone making a circle with their arms and a lit 'sparkler' on the 4th of July. We all see a perfect continuous circle of light. And the origin of the saying ........he sped by us in a blurr. Totally normal.

This forum is full of posts and questions on eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches from computer use and playing computer games. Use the search feature and read about how you can lessen the strain. The obvious being don't spend so much time playing computer games.

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