eye vessel ruptured
by cmhill2005, Dec 08, 2008
I went to sleep and awoke with what would appear to be a ruptured blood vessel in the left eye in the bottom corner closest to the nose, which then spread to almost half that side of the white. i was given an eyedrop  by the name of neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and gramicidin ophthalmic solution. will this help? and how long will this take to clear up? is there anything else i can do to help it clear up i.e ice or cool rag on the eye. Im desperate as it appeared this morning (monday) and i have an engagement on saturday and would be extremely uncomforable if it was still there
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Google "subconjunctival hemorrhage"  that's what this is. Also search the term on this page. Its common. Unless you are on coumadin (warfarin), heparin, plavix, ticlid or have a blood disease its common and harmless.

The antibiotics are not helpful and not necessary.

Its like a bruise on the eye and there's really nothing you can do to make it go away faster.