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flashing black spots
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flashing black spots

Hi there, i will go to an optometrist to have this checked out, however in the meantime, whenever i am say hanging out white sheets on the washing line when they flap around i see these black spots in my central vision flashing, i dont notice it inside or even when i look at other things ie if i look at a white piece of paper its fine, however if i wave it around in front of my eye i get these black flashes.  it happens in both eyes.  Is this normal? or what could it be?

I have also noticed something kinda like a floater, its round and im sure its both eyes (its gone so quickly i can never be sure) and i see it whenever i move my eyes or if something moves in front of me, i have had it for some time now, its not black, just like a round ring that is clear/grey in the centre but it disappears so fast i cant be completely sure.  I thought it was just anxiety related (ie that i noticed it and now it wont go away, because i when i am busy i dont really notice it but not im not so sure)

are these anything to be worried about or are there any causes that come to mind?

Any advice would be great thanks.
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You seem to be giving a very nice description of  vitreous floaters.  I don't know what else to say.  I think you already understand that. It is important tht you see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to have a look at things.  Make sure you get seen immediately if you see any flashes of light or a curtain of vision loss. The little circle you see is probably a Weiss RIng which is where the vitreous pulls away from around the optic nerve and leaves a circular floater.

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