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gritty pain in eyes upon waking
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gritty pain in eyes upon waking

Upon waking for the past year or so, I've noticed a gritty pain in either one of my eyes. So painful, I am unable to open my eye. Sharp, gritty pain that hurts for a while. This has happened in both eyes at different times. Not sure what it is.
I've had a right retinal arterial occlusion in 1989 and lost the vision in the right eye completely. Have had two additional stroke-like episodes. One TIA with no residual effect; but one stroke in 1997 that left me with some brain damage. I've managed to recover most of my abilities, and got a college degree as well; but don't do well under stressful conditions. I work part time trying to keep my head above water.
Anything you could tell me about my eyes would be helpful. I don't have medical insurance, so can't just run to the doctor for every thing that goes wrong.
Any help for me?
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This is a classic symptom of overnight dryness.

You can learn "everything a patient wants to know" about managing dry eye problems at www.dryeyezone.com.  You will probably get enough good ideas to make yourself more comfortable.

You should call around and ask how much a "cash pay" visit would be.  I offer a flat rate for a comprehensive visit with cash payment up front.
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