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itchy, tired, and pressure behind eyes
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itchy, tired, and pressure behind eyes

  Hi.  I have been having some problems with my eyes over the last few weeks.  Most of the time they itch or feel tired, and sometimes they twitch.  Lately I have begun feeling pressure behind my eyes, which I think is caused by allergies affecting my sinuses.  I had my regular eye exam a few months ago and everything was fine then.  I have been using eye wash to try and clear them, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  Is there any alternatives that I can try?  My vision has not been affected by all this, but it is extremely irritating.  I am pretty sure my opthamologist would have found something during my exam if there were a serious cause to this.  Thank you.
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The most common problems that would cause such symptoms include dry eyes and blepharitis which is a low grade infection of the eyelids.  Dry eyes can be treated by using artificial tears.  Blepharitis can be treated by soaking your eyelids with warm compresses and sometimes using an antibiotic ointment on your eyelids.  Both of these conditions are common and are underdiagnosed.  It is also possible that these symptoms could be related to an allergy that is affecting your eye or eyelids.  If this is the case a combination of cold compresses and special eyedrops will likely improve your symptoms.  It is difficult without seeing you to make the diagnosis.  You can speak to your ophthalmologist to find out more information.
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