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itchy right eye
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itchy right eye

I had an eye infection, and later developed a cornea scar in the right eye just near peripheral part of the eye, and it is an opaque scar, and when I looked at it more carefully, I can see there is a small looking dot on the eye , it looks slightly different, and it also feels like there is a slight bump or an uneven texture when I blink or close my eye.

I am most concerned right now with this persistent itch in my right eye , right where the cornea ulcer is located, and there is usually a slight bit of tinge of dialated red blood vessels and it feels very itchy. I went to see a cornea specialist and the doctor said there was no infection. The doctor prescribed ointment and eye drops for dry eyes to help ease the gritty sensation. Several allergen drops were tried out like Elastat and Pataday and none of those worked to ease the itch.

I am still working on trying to minimize this itch in my right eye. I just bought Theratear eye drops, and the omega 111 nutrition supplement , and also put Naphacort anti-itch drops (over the counter medicene), and the anti-itch drops seem to help for a little while, like about 30 minutes, then it starts itching again.

What would cause the eye to possibly itch? Persistent itch?  There is a corneal ulcer, there is a texture change to that part of the peripheral part of the cornea, no loss of vision, no infection, but everyday , I wake up, and all day long, I have this persistent itch and I keep putting drops for dry eyes, and the new anti-itch drops, and it just gives me slight relief for a little while but I am trying to find something that will kick out the persistent itch.

What could I put in my eye that would kick out the persistent itch?  What else I could use to help repair and heal that part of the cornea that is affected?  There is a slight texture change and feels gritty when I close my eye and place my finger on it and rub a little bit, I can feel and pinpoint where there feels like there is a gritty sensation or slight texture change in the eye.

I am wondering if inflammation of the cornea could cause an itch or a persistent itch?
I never ever suffered before from any sort of itch so I am thinking this is from the cornea ulcer that lead to the scar , and this is from sleeping in soft contact lenses.... but it just seems odd because a scar should not develop an itch.  I have this problem going on several months now.  

Upon closing my right eye, it feels slightly gritty, and worsens when I wake up in the morning. Why is that?

I could not wear contact lenses a while back for too long, and when I did , my right eye itched more and worsened.  I stopped wearing contact lenses, and I bought new ones - the Oasis brand. I have not tried them yet b/c I am scared that my eye will get worse.

Any suggestions , what drops or ointments, or what I can do?  I am so frustrated over this persistent eye itch

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Stop wearing the contact lens and see if it helps.

Dr. O.
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