light flashes after cataract surgery yesterday
by dawnday2, Jul 15, 2010
I am having flash's of light on one side of the eye that I just had Cataract surgery in yesterday.  I had a Retinal tear in both eyes 4 yrs. then one yr.later the other eye.  This flash's remind me of that. I have my appt. this afternoon, but that is 5 hrs. away and I am really scared right now. Ive been trying to get ahold of my dau. from work to see if she can take off, but as you can see I am panicking right now..... does this happen after cataract surgery????
by Michael J Kutryb, MDBlank, Jul 18, 2010
I would say that almost 50% of patients report some type of quivering or shining off the the side of the eye during the first day or two after cataract surgery. It is due to light reflecting off the side of the implant and usually resolves in a few days.  It is very important to know that retinal tears and detachments can also cause very similar symptoms and all my patients also get a dilated retinal exam in this situation so it is imperitive that you get checked out right away.  The internal reflections are usually noted with the lights on and without movement while retinal flashes due to detachments are usually seen in dim light especially with movement.  Again, usually due to temporary reflections off implant edge, rarely due to detachment or tear but very important to be completely examined to rule out the worst case scenario.
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by dawnday2, Jul 18, 2010
Thank you for your time, hope this helps someone else as well. I did get my post op. appt. that day and my Dr. did the dilated retinal exam and checked out A-OK. I now have 20/20 Vision in that eye. Hurray!!!