major blind spot in right eye
by rick2057, Mar 09, 2010
I went to my opthamologist yesterday for annual check on Central Serous of the right eye and correction exam for glasses.  Before dilating my eyes the tech started the standard cover one eye and read the chart.  Covered my right eye and I could not see the chart.  Its not that it was blurry, I could not see the chart.  There was a blind spot covering the entire right side of it - all I could see were three letters in the far left column.  Left eye could read the bottom line on the chart with no problem.

I explained to the tech that I had been noticing decline in vision in the right eye, but nothing like this (not that I cover one eye and try to read on a normal basis).  There has been no pain - just more of an awareness of the eye.

When the dr came in and did his exam of the retina and nerve he saw minor swelling, but nothing he weas concerned about.  He then tried to do the exam and again I could not see the right side with my right eye.  

He sent me to the back for a scan of my eye, which showed only a slight amount of swelling.  He checked the retina and nerve again and said he could not explain - he was perplexed.

I go back in two weeks for a field of vision test and a color test - and hopefully the vision test.

Im just wondering if anyone has any ideas what is going on.  
by Michael J Kutryb, MDBlank, Mar 11, 2010
I suspect there is more going on than what is easily visible at the slit lamp.  An OCT (especially one of the newer machines that can scan out to wider areas) would be very helpful as well as a fluroesceince angiogram.  I am a little worried and strongly suspect that your CSR is much worse again.  You should see a retinal specialist right away if you are not already.

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by rick2057, Mar 12, 2010
Thank you for your response Dr. Kutryb.  

My opthamologist is a retinal specialist.  When I was first diagnosed with CSR several years ago the diagnosis was after a test (not sure about the name) where I had an iodine(?) IV, and then detailed photos were taken of my retina.  I think that is what will be next if I still have issues when I go back on the 22nd.  So far, it is not any better.  In fact it is getting to be a little more bothersome.

If it is CSR, what are the treatment options?  I had laser surgery for it several years ago, but was also told it could recur.

by rick2057, Mar 22, 2010
I went back to opthamologist today and had a visual field test and a color test.  The visual field test showed to distinctive black (blind) spots on my right eye and the beginning of one on my left eye.  I then went for a flouriscene (sp) angiography.  Waiting on the results from that.  Depending on those results, may end up having an MRI.

In looking up symptoms on the internet, I found that I have some of the symptoms (many of which are similar) for a pituitary problem and/or lyme disease.  Not sure which I would prefer.  All I know is I am getting really tired of this - it makes backing from my drive way and adventure as I live on a busy, 4 lane, urban street.
by rick2057, Apr 02, 2010
Dr. Kutyb,

I had a follow-up with my opthamologist today.  We have now done the  fluroesceince angiogram, a 30 degree visual field test and a 10 degree visual filed test.  Based on all the results, there seems to be even more confusion with what and why.  The  fluroesceince angiogram shows (and is supported by the visual field tests) that I have degeneration of the retinal epithelium (?).  However, the pattern is unusual - it is not totally central vision as would be expected with AMD, but impacts the periphery of my central vision and some of my peripheral vision - only on the right side and only in my right eye.  The impariment has almost a straight vertical line along the central axis.

My left eye was normal in the tests.

I am not sure what is going on, but am hopeful that something can be done to stop and further progression (Dr has pretty much said that I will not recover the vision that has been lost).

Any insights and coping mechanisms would be most appreciated.
by rick2057, Jun 01, 2010
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